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492 THIRTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 120. 1862. i¤dis¤ tim tv shall extinguish as rapidly as may be.the Indian titles to all lands falling b° °xmgmh°d‘ under the operation of this act and required fo1` the said right of way and grants hereinafter made. A1tsm¤t¤ ssc- Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That there be, and is hereby, t·i¤¤¤_¤¤ ¤•¤=1¤¤id¤ granted to the said company, for the purpose of aiding in the construction g$a;'{':Q°°,j°§ i‘§;_ of said railroad arid telegraph line, and to secure the safe and speedy pany. transportation of the mails, troops, munitions of war, and public stores thereon, every alternate section of public land, designated by odd numbers, to the amount of ilvehalterpatedsectigns pier {tulle op. each side of said railroad, on the line thereo, an wit in the imits ten miles on each side of said road, not sold, reserved, or otherwise disposed of by the United States, and to which a reém tion or homestead claim ma not have attached, at the time the Fline df said road is de1’initely fixed}; Mineral lands Provided, That all mineral lands shall be excepted from the operation of °‘,'j_';P*°d· this act; but where the same shall contain timber, the timber thereon is Lsgszhou to hereby granted to said company. And all such lands, so granted by this bl, subjgctto ,,6,,. section, which shall not be sold or disposed of by said company within uemem. and pre- three years after the entire road shall have been completed, shall be sub- °mPt‘°°‘ ject to settlement and preemption, like other lands, at a price not exceeding one dollar and twenty-Eve cents per acre, to be paid to said company. Patents for said Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That whenever said company shall lxtvgaowigsiita md hage eompleaetl forty Qppnspeutiye miles of any portiop lof said railroad ’ an te egrap ine, re br the service contemp ate y this act, an supplied with all necessgry drains, culverts, viaducts, crossings, sidings, bridges, turnouts, watering places, depots, equipments, furniture, and all other appurtenances of a first class railroad, the rails and all the other iron used in the construction and equipment of said road to be Ameri- _ I can manufacture of the best quality, the President of the United States Commissioners. shall appoint three commissioners to examine the same and report to him in relation thereto; and if it shall appear to him that forty consecutive miles of said railroad and telegraph line have been completed and equipped in all respects as required by this act, then, upon certificate of said coinmissiogeirs to that effect, patents shall issue conveying the right and tit e to said ands to said compan , on each side of the road as far as the same is completed, to the amodnt aforesaid; and patents shall in like manner issue as each forty miles of said railroad and telegraph line are completed, upon certificate of said commissioners. Any vacancies occurring m said board of commissioners by death, resignation, or otherwise, shall be filled by the President of the United States: Provided, however, That Ngfxpxggnt D0 Such commissioners shall be appointed by the President of the United on oath. States unless there shall be presented to him a statement, verified on oath by the president of said company, that such forty miles have been completed, in the manner required by this act, and setting forth with certainty the points where such forty miles begin and where the same end; which _ oath shall be taken before a judge of a court of record. boggxilhgluézsi Hoggé?} éimi (be it {path? enacted, :.‘1{;it for the purposia herein men- 1,0,,. to mm, to _ e ecre ary o e reasur s a , n on the certi cate in writin nid company. of said commissioners of the compldlion and Equipment of forty consecug tive miles of said railroad and telegraph, in accordance with the provisions of this act, issue to said company bonds of the United States of one thousand dollars each, payable in thirty years after date, bearing six per hum'; pentum per annum interest, (said interest payable semi—annually,) which mterest may hip plaidhin IUnite(;l gtates treasury notes or any other money or currency w ic t c United States have or shall declare lawful mone and a legal tender, to the amount of sixteen of said bonds per mile fol such section of forty miles; and to secure the repayment to the United States, as hereinafter provided, of the amount of said bonds so issued and dehvered to said company, together with all interest thereon which shall have been paid by the United States, the issue of said bonds and delivery