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528 THIRTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 135. 1862. 1855, eb.1’t6. March, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, andunder appropriations made VM- X- P- 643- from year to year, seven thousand dollars. Clerk foyhounty For compensation of one clerk in the Indian office, to enable the Sec;-e. l¤¤d¤ *0 I¤di¤¤¤- tary of the Interior to carry out the regulations prescribed to give effect to the seventh section of the act of March third, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, granting bounty lands to Indians, fourteen hundred dollars. Em, °i,,.g,_ For compensation of two extra clerks in the Indian office, employed to carry out the treaty with the Chickasaws in the adjustment of their claims, two thousand eight hundred dollars. Vaccination. For expenses attending the vaccination of Indians, two thousand five hundred dollars. Shawna8s_ For the payment to the Shawnees of the residue of seven hundred thousand dollars, to be paid after the termination of the seven years V0l.x.p.1056. stipulated for in the third article of the treaty of tenth May, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, eighty-nine thousand dollars. cnglnxgxuognd Umpquas and Oalapooias of Lhgoqua {Valley.,-T For the first `and Ummm valley. second mstalments of the second series o` annuities 0 two. thousand three hundred dollars each, not heretofore asked for, for beneficial objects, to be expended as directed by the President, four thousand six hundred dollars. Medallions for For medallions of the President of the United States for distribution I¤di¤¤ ¤`il>°¤· to Indian tribes, five thousand dollars. Incident,] ox. For the general incidental expenses of the Indian service in Oregon p¢¤=·5¤¤ of indlnn and Washington Territory, including insurance and transportation of s°"`°°m pug"!ds d ts (whe n s i I r vision thereform d and wushmgmm annuttygoo —~ an presen , re 0 peca p 0 _ is an e by treaties,) and office and travelling expenses of the superintendent and sub-agents, thirty-five thousand dollars. Removal, &,,__ For defraying the expenses of the removal and subsistence of Indians gmlndiangdin in Oregon and Washington Territory (not parties to any treaty) and for wu§,Y;,£,,m_ pay of neeessary employees, fifty thousand dollars: Provtded, That all Appropriation; appropriations heretofore or hereafter made to carry into et'fect treaty

,22**;*,;* Tait2z_ stipulations, or otherwise, in behalf of any tribe or tribes of Indians, all

waged_ or any portion of whom shall be in a state of actual hostility to the government of the United States, including the Cherokees, Creeks, Choc— tnws, Chickasaws, Seminoles, Wichitas, and other atliliated tribes, may and shall be suspended and postponed wholly or in part at and during ex$:$d::i¤Y0;>¤ the discretion and pleasure of the President: Providcd,further, That the ,,,08,, drivellfrom President is authorized to expend such part of the amount heretofore their homes. appropriated and not expended and hcreinbetbre appropriated for the benefit of the tribes named in the preceding proviso as he. may deem necessary, for the relief and support of such individual members of said tribes as have been driven from their homes and reduced t0_ want on Mmmm to be account of their friendship to the government. And an account shall be kept_ kept of the sums so paid for the benefit of such tribe, which account shall be rendered to Congress at the commencement of the next session there- Purchim to oil And all purchases of articles for the purposes above set fbrth, shall lY° ‘l“‘°° °“ “d' be made on advertisement as provided in other cases and an account immmmtl shall be rendered of all ehch iwnr-chases with a statenrent of the prices ` 9 If tribe ten; paid therefor: And provided, further, That in eases where the tribal x’;“';lrcl;?§;l?5'» organization of any Indian tribe shall be in actual hostility to the United may, (1,,,,],,,.,, all States, the Presielentis hereby authorized, by proclamation, to declare all trecuetwith snflx treaties with such tribe to be abrogated by such tribe, if, in his opinion, " " '°g"“ ‘ tlgesame can be done consistently with good faith and legal and national 0 nations. Clégzgtzgu and g`0·carry into effect the treaty of February eighteen, eighteen hundred Pm, P. 1163- itgnqsgxigg-`o3e,‘t;·;th Ampahoes und Cheyenne Indians of the Upper Al`-

  • ?,¤:g’:$'irgecrc· For surveying the exterior of the reservation, and dividing the same

· ‘ between the two tribes, estimated to be three hundred and fifty miles, at