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596 THIRTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 200. 1862. This section to release from arrest: And provided further, That the provisions of this 3g!lflKr:gs:l;:é*‘ section shall apply to all persons now under arrest and awaiting trial. ,w,,m,,g ,_,m_ Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That whenever the name of any Certain omeeu 0Hicer of the army or marine corps, now in the service, or who may here-

°¤c*$Y ¤¤<i after be in the service of the United States, shall have been borne on the

may be RQ1d_ ayrxiylregifstplr or navpl repxstier, as the ezzsehniizy) be, fogy-gre years, pr Ee s a eo eageo sixy- wo years,1 s a e in e iseretnono the President to retire him from active service and direct his name to be entered on the retired list of officers of the grade to which he belonged at the time of such retirement; and the President is hereby authorized to assign any officer retired under this section or the act of August third, 1861, eh. 42,517. eighteen hundred and sixty-one, to any appropriate duty ; and such officer A”'°· P- 289- thus assigned shall receive the full pay and emoluments of his grade while so assigned and employed. { Ccntsavts, &c. Sec. 13. And be it farther enacted, That all contracts made for, or Ixegzg §B°;;°l" orders given for the purchase of, goods or supplies by any department of ported promptly the government shall be promptly reported to Congress by the proper °° C°¤8’°”· head of such department if Congress shall at the time be in session, and if not in session said reports shall be made at the commencement of the next ensuing session. Interest in Sec. 14. And be it further enacted, That no contract or order, or any g‘;”:;;‘;;?E;‘:;d*° interest therein, shall be transferred by the party or parties to whom such ' contract or order may be given to any other party or parties, and that P<=¤¤I¤y· any such transfer shall cause the annulment of the contract or order nights of transferred, so Far as the United States are concerned: Provided, That gg2t3d S*“°° all rights of action are hereby reserved to the United States for any ` breach of such contract by the contracting party or parties. Suvpliesto Sec. 15. And be it further enacted, That every person who shall furb° m“'k“d‘ nish supplies of any kind to the army or navy shall be required to mark and distinguish the same, with the name or names of the contractors so girnishing said supplies in such manner as the Secretary of Wnr and the eeretary of the Navy may respeotivel direct, and no su plies of an kind shall be received unless so marked dud distinguished. P y Punishment Sec. 16. And be it urther enacted That whenever an contract r f r °f °°"“i“ °°"' subsistence clothing aifms, ammunitioh munitions of waryand for gvez? tractors found . . ’ Z ’ . ’ y §;;i]ty ,,m-,,,4, description of supplies for the army or navy of the United States, shall - be found guilty by a ccurtrmartial of fraud or Wllfllll neglect of duty, he shall he punished by fine, imprisonment, or such other punishment as the Certain con- court-martial shall adjudge; and any person who shall contract to furnish $*:3; 2;*1;;; supplies of any kind or description for the army or navy he shall be 1,,,,; mh ,,,;,,1 deemed and taken as a part of the land or naval forces of the United f¤r¤e¤- States, for which he shall contract to furnish said su plies, and be subject to the rules and regulations for the government oi) the land and naval forces of the United States. pm,gd,,m; may Sec. 17. And be it further enacted, That the President of the United

  • £¤;_m;i§L*2:_<>=¤¤¤¤» States pe, and] hereby is, authorized and requested to dismiss and dis-

’ charge rom the militar service either in the arm , nav , marine con s or volunteer force, in th; United States service, any officgrr for any caiisd which, in his judgment, either renders such officer unsuitable for, or whose dismission would promote, the public service. may p,,,,,h,,_,,, Sec. 18. And be it further enacted, That the President of the United cemetery States shall have power, whenever in his opinion it shall be expedient, to gr°“"d“‘ purchase cemetery grounds, and cause them to be securely enclosed, to be used as a national eemeter for the soldiers who shall die in the service of the country. y Law nun,,,;,. Sec. 19. And be it further enacted, That so much of the act approved me 8d5ml0n3i the fifth of August, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, entitled "An act

,§;],§Z°”'“p supplementary to an act entitled ‘ An act to increase the present military

ml, eh_ 2r_ establishment of the United States,’ " approved the twenty-ninth of July, 1861, ch. 47.