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808 THIRTY—SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 116, 117. 1863. March 3, 1863. Cntr. CXVI. — An Act to grant the Rmb! of Preiimption to certain Purchasers on the """"'U_' “Soscol Ranch," in the Stale of California. Be it enacted Zn; the Senate and House of Representatives of the United _Li¤es of pub- States of America in Congress assembled, That it may and shall be law- _£;:g;,Y'°3rb° ful for the commissioner of the general land-oflice to cause the lines of ,h,Gg,h?,,jg,n,,h tpe ptéblic lsigyeys to bg extendedhovep the tracg olf gourgry kpipwn as in¤¤¤i¤- the “ osco nch " in alifornia the c aim to w ic y on ariana. Gaudalupe Vallejd has been adjugded invalid by the supreme court of the United States, and to have approved plats thereof duly returned v£°’g¤;’f *;‘;"‘b° to the proper district land-office: Provided, That the actual cost of ,;,.g{ ,,,,;,j{ such survey and platting shall first be paid into the surveying fund by 1862,ch, gg, s io, settlers, according to the requirements of the tenth section of the act of Amb P- 410- Congress, approved thirtieth of May, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, “ to reduce the expenses of the survey and sale of the public lands in the United States." mm;”&;_ Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That after the return of such apt,,. at mpg the proved plats to the district office, it may and shall be lawful for individwc- uals, bona fide purchasers from said Vallejo, or his assigns, to enter, according to the lines of the public surveys at one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre, the land so purchased, to tbe,extent to which the same had been reduced to possession at the time of said adjudication of said supreme court, joint entries being admissible by coterminous proprietors to l · such an extent as will enable them to adjust their respective boundaries. lliumcipal Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That municipal claims within the °°‘"“°‘ limits of the said *‘ Soscol Ranch" may be entered under the terms, limiv1s4.4,eh. tations, and conditions of the town·site act of twenty-third of May, eigh- ° · V- P- · teen hundred and forty-four. Claims wb, Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That all claims within the purview presented within of this act shall be presented to the register and receiver within twelve “'°“’° *¤°¤*h*- months after the return of such surveys to the district land—office, accompanied by proof of bona fide purchase under Vallejo, of settlement, and the lpxtent tofwhich the tracts claimed had been reduced into possession Adjudicstion att e time o said adjudication- and thereupon each case shall be ad u“"°°“· judged by the register and recdiver under such instructions as shall be given by the commissioner of the general land-ohice, to whom the proof and adjudication shall be returned by the local land-oflice, and no adju- I dxcation shall be final until cpnfirmed by the said commissioner. brglgpppstpogaso I SEc.·5. And (pe it further enacted, That any claim not brought before b dv d, ds tie remster an receiver within twelve months, as aforesaid shall be nfl; tzletednus barredinand the lands covered thereb , with an other tracts within the P“bl‘° l*mdS· limits of said “Soscol Ranch ” the titles to wlhch are not establshed ' _ 1 1 under this act, shall be dealt with as other public lands: Provided, That m£;:;p;:¤;d:r;_ no entry shall he made of lands reserved and occupied for military, naval, CBPML or other public uses, or which may be designated for such purposes by theA1;res1dent, np; shlallganyscggitn under this act extend to mineral lands. PROVED, arc , 1 . gghpdargh 3, 1863, CHAP. CXVII. — An Act to provide a temporary Government jbr the Territory q/'Idaba. 'Be it enactedtby tbe Senate and 1%use of Representatives of the United Id tpyntoryblsr States of America in Congress assembled, That all that part of the terrimf*° me ish- torylof ·the United Qtates included within the following limits, to wit: Boundaries` Begmmng at a point in the middle channel of the Snake River where the nlprthern boundary of Oregon intersects the same ; then follow down said c annel of Snake·Rtver to a point opposite the mouth of the Kooskooskia, or Clear Water River; thence due north to the forty-ninth parallel of latitude; thenee east along said parallel to the twenty-seventh degree of longitude west of Waslitngton ; thence south along said degree of longitude to the northern boundary of Colorado Territory; thence west along said