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818 THIRTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 118. 1863. Civil establish- For pay of superintendents, naval constructors, and all the civil estab- ¤¤¤¤* °f MW lishment of the several navy yards and stations, one hundred and six yard" thousand seven hundred and eighty-Four dollars: Provided, That hem- ${*]**7 °f°i'“ after the salary of the civil engineer at the 'Washington navy yard shall {3f:;:" #:,1 be two thousand dollars a year, and the salary of the civil engineer of navyyagd, and the bureau of yards and docks shall be three thousand dollars. l °" *’“"°“g of ks For expenses of watchman and others, and contmgencncs of the United yagtztgenogcsl States Naval Academy, 'twenty-four thousand eight hundred and eighty- N IA d . one dollars. Slxtzvalcgbsglrvv- Naval Observatory. — For the purchase of nautical instruments, repairs ‘“°"Y· of the same, and of astronomical instruments, and for the purchase of nautical books, maps, and charts, and for backing and binding the same, twenty-three thousand dollars. Fo; wages of instrument maker, watchman, porter, and laborers; for keeping grounds in order, and repairs to buildings and. enclosuresr for fuel, lights, freights, transportation, and postage, and statwnery, and mmdental expenses twelve thousand dollars. _ American Neu- For preparing for publication the American Nautical Almanac, twenty- “°”1A‘“"*”“°· five thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars. I Certincetesm Sm. 2. And be it further enacted, That there shall be paid, out of ¤$<=¤¤»¤°W·&°-= any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, the several certifiggg'€]€:£§;s§d cates issued by the accounting officers of the Treasury Department to the to be aid. officers sailors marines and crews of the Con ss and Cumberland, and P s r 7 gm other persons provided for by the act of April second, eighteen hundred 1862, cb- 52· and sixty-two, entitled "An act to provide for the equitable settlement of A""·P‘ m" the accounts of the officers and crews of the frigate Congress and other vessels." T°}“§3;‘g{ of Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the second section of the act Zgggglgssigfgnf entitled "Au act; for the temporary increase of the Na,vy," approved July payjmaswrs wd twent.y·four, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, shall be so construed that ‘£*;·‘f]‘;§°§;;fim' the temporary appointments made, or which may be made, of acting as- 1861, I3_ sistant paymasters and acting ensigns, are hereby ratified and confirmed as Ame, p. 272. temporary acting appointments until the return of the vessels in which they are respectively employed, or until the suppression of the present Psy. insurrection, as may be deemed necessary; and the rate of compensation allowed for the several grades specified, is hereby legalized and approved. Purchase of Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Navy be, UOM M the ¤¤VY· and he is hereby, authorized to purchase in such manner as he shall deem most advantageous to the Government, the flour required for naval use · Baking bread. and to hénve the bread for the navy baked from this Hour by special con; tract un er naval inspection. Assistant Key- Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That every assistant paymastcr 2;*:::; 5g2z1x1_ dttached to le vessel of war shall be allowed a clerk, with the compensalowed aC1cm_ tion and privileges which would be given by law to the clerk of a pay- pmviso, master 1f attached to the same vessel: Provided, That clerks shall not be allowed to paymasters or asmstant pa masters in vessels havinv compley G P ugente of less than one hundred, excepting in supply steamers or stores nps. P9? <>fb¤¤*· Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the act to increase and re ulaté S\V8ll1S, g'|11lIlB\'I, . g cn,pcm€m,md the pay of thenavy of the United States, approved June first, eighteen saihnakers. hundred and sixty, be so construed as it respects boatswains, gurmers, img, ch·;;·26 carpenters, and sail-znakers of the navy, as to allow to those officers such · ·PP· ¤ · arrears of pey, or d1H`erence of pay, as they would be entitled to, had their seaservice been computed from the dates of their appointments or entry mto the service, in their respective grades, instead of the date of then- warrants. Approved, March 3, 1863.