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834 THIRTY-—SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 14, 15, 16. 1860. April 6, i860- CHAP. XIV.——An Ac t 1EegZ`r;>£;l l;{,ig03;c_eTV&l2;d;w of Major James HQ Yf¤¤·¤1bl¤· Whereas the United States, on the twenty-ninth day of April, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, recovered judgment against Elizabeth M. Cooke, administratrix of James H. Cooke, late marshal, and his sureties, before the district court for the eastern district of Texas, for the sum of two thousand forty-one dollars and ninety-three cents; and it being made to appear that it would be just and equitable that the collection of the said judgment should not at this time be enforced: therefore Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Treas— Issuing of exe- lII'y b8, 8.Dd. ll6l‘Cby is, 8.l1i.h0I`lZBd to stay the lSSUH.HC€ of OXBCUHOH OI1 said 9“*i°¤ °¤ ih? judgment for such time as in his opinion will enable said administratrix to

?5{;;;;·,;·;5,—’7¤¤¤= prosecute to final judgment a suit against Henry B. Martin, deputy mar-

Cooke, to be shal of said James H. Cocke, who received and embezzled the money for

gf;g‘;f‘_}',fmG· which said judgment in favor of the United States versus said Elizabeth

H, cock, 00,,- M. Cocke, administratrix as aforesaid, was rendered: Provided, however, wut- That before such stay of execution shall be granted, the securities of said James H. Cocke shall enter their consent thereto on the records of the court in which said judgment was rendered. A1-r110V1m, April 6, 1860. April 6, 1860. Can. XV.—An Act for ge ey"}; dz; 1%% ligzzjpsentgtivzs of Robert E Morris, late as as o e o ew or . Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Auditor of the Treas- A,,,,,,,,,,, ,,f ury for the Postr01h0e Department be authorized and directed to readjust Rvggrt Haltonés and audit the account of Robert H. Morris, late postmaster of the city of i:,,, mf;'},6l:“·;°°,; New York, from May twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and forty-five, to made. June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and forty-six, and to allow in said account all sums of money paid out by said Morris for defrayiug the expenses of said office within said period, including the amount paid on account of the city despatch office: Provided, That, in the opinion of the Postmaster- General, such expenses were properly incurred and were necessary for the business of said office. And, in addition thereto, the said Auditor shall sdso agopi for- the szme petrlliod, such {sum as would make the compensation o sax orris equ to e sum o two thousand dollars er annum as provided for by the act of eighteen hundred and twenty-nge. And that said several sums, so found to be due, shall be paid to the executrix or other legal representative of said Morris, out of any money appropriated for the 1’ost»Otiice Department. Approved, April 6, 1860. April 11, 1860. Can. XVI.—An Act for the Rehbf of tg;_An1er£can Board of Commissioners for For- Gtgfl lS8l01l$. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Am ma States of.Amerzea in Congress assembled, That the American Board of Bmdeof C';m_ Commissioners for Foreign Missions be, and it hereby is, released from ,,,;,,Sp,m,,S_,-0,- the obligation. imposed on it by the fourth article of the treaty made befegyg aww tgvien the United States and the nation of the Cherokee Indians, at N ew ,6,.,,,,,, O,,,,,,, c ota, on the twenty-n1nth day of December, eighteen hundred and tions. thirty-tive, which provides that the money allowed for the appraised value of the Union and Harmony Mission reservations, should be expended in schools among the Osages, and improving their condition : Upon the terms however, and provided, That the said board shall expend the said money for the same purposes, among other tribes not provided adequately with