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[121 STAT. 2403]
[121 STAT. 2403]
PUBLIC LAW 110-000—MMMM. DD, 2007

PUBLIC LAW 110–161—DEC. 26, 2007

121 STAT. 2403

shall be as defined in section 502 of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, as amended: Provided further, That not to exceed $3,408,000 shall be available for administrative expenses to carry out the guaranteed loan program, which shall be transferred to and merged with the appropriation for ‘‘Operations and Training’’, Maritime Administration. SHIP CONSTRUCTION

(RESCISSION) Of the unobligated balances available under this heading, $6,673,000 are rescinded. ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS—MARITIME ADMINISTRATION

SEC. 175. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, the Maritime Administration is authorized to furnish utilities and services and make necessary repairs in connection with any lease, contract, or occupancy involving Government property under control of the Maritime Administration, and payments received therefor shall be credited to the appropriation charged with the cost thereof: Provided, That rental payments under any such lease, contract, or occupancy for items other than such utilities, services, or repairs shall be covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts. SEC. 176. No obligations shall be incurred during the current fiscal year from the construction fund established by the Merchant Marine Act, 1936 (46 U.S.C. 53101 note (cds)), or otherwise, in excess of the appropriations and limitations contained in this Act or in any prior appropriations Act. PIPELINE



For necessary administrative expenses of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, $18,130,000, of which $639,000 shall be derived from the Pipeline Safety Fund. HAZARDOUS MATERIALS SAFETY

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For expenses necessary to discharge the hazardous materials safety functions of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, $28,000,000, of which $1,761,000 shall remain available until September 30, 2010: Provided, That up to $1,200,000 in fees collected under 49 U.S.C. 5108(g) shall be deposited in the general fund of the Treasury as offsetting receipts: Provided further, That there may be credited to this appropriation, to be available until expended, funds received from States, counties, municipalities, other public authorities, and private sources for expenses incurred for training, for reports publication and dissemination, and for travel expenses incurred in performance of hazardous materials exemptions and approvals functions.

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