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[121 STAT. 434]
[121 STAT. 434]
PUBLIC LAW 110-000—MMMM. DD, 2007

121 STAT. 434

PUBLIC LAW 110–53—AUG. 3, 2007

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(5) The security of intercity passenger railroad stations, trains, and infrastructure, including security capital improvement projects that the Secretary determines enhance railroad station security. (6) Technologies to reduce the vulnerabilities of railroad cars, including structural modification of railroad cars transporting security-sensitive materials to improve their resistance to acts of terrorism. (7) The sharing of intelligence and information about security threats. (8) To obtain train tracking and communications equipment, including equipment that is interoperable with Federal, State, and local agencies and tribal governments. (9) To hire, train, and employ police and security officers, including canine units, assigned to full-time security or counterterrorism duties related to railroad transportation. (10) Overtime reimbursement, including reimbursement of State, local, and tribal governments for costs, for enhanced security personnel assigned to duties related to railroad security during periods of high or severe threat levels and National Special Security Events or other periods of heightened security as determined by the Secretary. (11) Perimeter protection systems, including access control, installation of improved lighting, fencing, and barricades at railroad facilities. (12) Tunnel protection systems. (13) Passenger evacuation and evacuation-related capital improvements. (14) Railroad security inspection technologies, including verified visual inspection technologies using hand-held readers. (15) Surveillance equipment. (16) Cargo or passenger screening equipment. (17) Emergency response equipment, including fire suppression and decontamination equipment, personal protective equipment, and defibrillators. (18) Operating and capital costs associated with security awareness, preparedness, and response training, including training under section 1517, and training developed by universities, institutions of higher education, and nonprofit employee labor organizations, for railroad employees, including frontline employees. (19) Live or simulated exercises, including exercises described in section 1516. (20) Public awareness campaigns for enhanced railroad security. (21) Development of assessments or security plans under section 1512. (22) Other security improvements— (A) identified, required, or recommended under sections 1511 and 1512, including infrastructure, facilities, and equipment upgrades; or (B) that the Secretary considers appropriate. (c) DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY RESPONSIBILITIES.— In carrying out the responsibilities under subsection (a), the Secretary shall— (1) determine the requirements for recipients of grants; (2) establish priorities for uses of funds for grant recipients;

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