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TH]RTY—EIGHTH CONGRESS. Shes} I. Ch. 87`Q 1864} 7*7 pwyeeoti such money-order, to cause a new order` in lieu`) thereof to be issued in his favor, for which a second fee shall] be exaotedr And the Postmaster-General is further authorized,.whenever a money-order shall have been lost, to cause a¢ duplicate thereof to be issued, for which a second fee shall be paid on application of the remitter or of the payee of Duplicate order such order, provided the party losing the original shall furnish a state- foiSS¤<*i¤ °°S°‘ ment, under oath or affirmation, setting forth the loss or destruction there- °f I°”' _ ot, and-a certificate from the postmaster by whom it was payable that it Oathhad not been paid, and that it would not thereafter be paid. Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the payee of a money-order may, by his written endorsement thereon, direct it to be paid to any other 0*66* m=`*Ydb° person, and it shall be the duty of the deputy postmaster on whom it is gggihigdgxon? ordered to pay the amount thereof to the person thus designated, provided &c. the person to whom the money-order is endorsed shall furnish such proof asthe Postmaster-General may require that the written endorsement is genuine, and that he is the person thereby empowered to receive pay- ment of the order; but such second person shall not- be at liberty to en- _Pr¤¤f' <>f' z¤¤ dorse the same order to a third party, and more than one endorsement gglggissuf °"’ shall` render any order invalid, and not payable, and the holder thereof, in order to obtain the amount of the order shall. be required to apply in writing to the Postmaster-General for a new order in lieu thereof, for which new order a second fee shall be charged: Provided, hbwever, That Pi-oviso. in all cases, nnderthis section, the original order shall be returned, and such proof shall be made of the genuineness of the endorsement thereon as bbc Postmaster-General may require. Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That deputy postmasters, at money- C°“"P°““*l°“ order offices, may be allowed by the Postmaster-General, as a compensa- i·g,€;;,?:,";mm tion for the issuing and paying of money-orders, not exceeding one money-orders. third of the whole amount of fees ou money-orders issued, and, at the option of the Postmaster-General, one eighth of one per centum on the gross amount of orders paid at their offices: Provided, That all emoluments Proviso. arising from such rates of compensation shall be subject to the provisions of 1825 ch 64 4 the forty-first section of the act of third of March, eighteen hundred and·4;_ ’’ twenty-five, entitled “An act to reduce into one the several acts estab- Vol- lV· P· U3- lishing the Post-Otlice Department? Sec. 8. And be it fur!/zer enacted, That it shall be the duty of the _P°$*m¤i“’Z*° Postmaster General to require all postmasters who may be authorized to gm uw °° S' issue and pay money-orders, to execute new official bonds- conditioned for the faithful performance of all duties and obligations imposed by this act, in addition to those required of them by existing laws as postmasters; and it shall be the duty of the Postmaster-General to direct all payments or transfers to or from money-order offices. He may direct transfers of P¤Z*¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ money-order funds from one postmaster to another, and he may require umm"' and direct transfers or payments to be made from the funds received for money-orders to creditors of the Post-Office Department, to be replaced by equivalent transfers from the funds of said department arising from postages; and he may require and direct transfers of payments to be made from the funds of the Post-Office Department in the hands of any postmaster arising from postages to the money-order offices. A-nd it shall P°5*m;§¤*°”`*° be the further duty of the Postmaster-General to require each postmaster  ;;;Ian°` to render to the auditor of the treasury for the Post-Office Department ments. weekly, semi-weekly, or daily accounts of all money-orders issued and paid, and of all fees received for issuing them, of all transfers, or payments made from funds received for money-orders, andof all moneys received to be applied to the payment of money-orders, or on account of money- order offices. Sec. 9. And be itfuriher enacted, That out of the moneys paid into the aT'I;';f£'§*° treasury for the service of the Post-Office Department the Postmaster- guigrs, y' General shall have power to, transfer to the deputy- postmaster of any 7 * '