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THIRTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 246, 247. 1864. for any services performed or any benefif rendered to any person or per- Penalty on Sons in the line of his duty under this act, he shall, upon conviction, be °m°$I` *'*§‘V";¤ ined one thousand dollars, or be imprisoned, not to exceed three years, at gcrgigegf the discretion of a court of competent jurisdiction, and forever after be ineligible to hold any office of honor, trust, or profit in the United States. SEO. 7. And be it further enacted, That said commissioner of immigration shall, at the commencement of each annual meeting of congress, submit a. detailed report of the foreign immigration during the preceding Report to conyoar, and a. detailed account of all expenditures under this act. g""• &°‘ Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That the sum of twenty-five thou— Approprialion sand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, in the judgment of ;%,;;?"Y m *“‘° the President, is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the u·easm·y ` not otherwise appropriated, for the purpose of carrying the provisions of this act into eH`ect. A1>1>1z0v1c1>, July 4, 1864. CHA?. CCXLVII. —An Act sz7pZeme1¤tau; to an Act entitled "An Act to grant Pen- July 4, 1864. sions," approved Ju yjburteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-two. Bc it enacted by the Sena¢e and Hmusc of Representatives of the United Vol. Sm. p. 566. States of America in Congress assembled, That the biennial examinations ldiennial ex— of pensioners required by an act approved March three, eighteen hundred gm and nfty·:.ine, may be made by one surgeon only, provided he is a. sur- guy b,, m,§d,,_ geon of the army or navy, or an examining surgeon duly appointed by 1859, cb- 88, § 2· · · - · - · Vol. x1. .439. the e0mm1ssioner of pensions; nor shall the biennial certificate of two P uuappointed civil surgeons be accepted in any case, except upon satisfactory evidence that an examination by a commissioned or duly appointed surgeon is impracticable. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That all fees paid to examining Fees paid surgeons for biennial examinations, or for examinations specially ordered, %‘Q;§§Q’§S;’;mi as provided by the eighth section of the act to grant pensions, approved nations to be rs- July fourteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, shall be refunded by gégedh 1 the agent for paying pensions in the district within which the pensioner V0{ °x{  :6533 or claimant resides, out of any money appropriated for the payment of pensions, under such regulations as the commissioner of pensions may prescribe. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That declarations of pension claim- Declarations of ants shall be made before a court of record, or before some officer thereof l>°gSi°” °é“l:**},"*° having custody of its seal, said ofllcer being hereby fully authorized and cgué Tfami0:d?r° empowered to administer and certify any oath or affirmation relating to any pension or application therefor: Provided, That the commissioner proviso_ of pensions may designate, in localities more than twenty-Eve miles distant from any place at which such a court is holden, persons duly qualified to administer oaths, before whom declarations may be made and testimony taken. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That section twelve of the act to Section 12 of grant pensions, approved July fourteen, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, 1*;% °*` 186} sbis hereby repealed; and the commissioner of pensions is authorized and voir12ga; gw empowered to detail, from time to time, clerks in his office to investigate Clerks ro insuspected attempts at fraud on the government through the pension-oiflce, :;;:3*;*;*2gIm and to aid in prosecuting any persons so offending, with such additional to defraud_ compensation as is customary in cases of special service. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That all persons now bylaw enti- Pensions to tled to a less pension than hereafter specified, who shall have lost both f;‘;s:;:‘;.Gl;f’° feet in the military service of the United States and in the line of duty, both hgudgqr · shall be entitled to a pension of twenty dollars per month ; and those who ¤Y¤S-· under the same conditions have lost both hands or boch eyes shall be entitled to a. pension of twenty-five dollars per month. Sec. 6. And be it furt}zcr enacted, That no pension claim now on file,