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machinery for operating railroads, telegraph wires, insulators, and instruments for operating telegraphic line.

II. That all existing military and naval orders in any manner restricting internal- Former orders mmm, domestic, and coastwise commercial intercourse and trade,with or in the ¥¤v0k<¢d- localities above named, bo, and the same, are hereby, revoked; and that no military or naval officer, in any manner, interrupt or interfere with the same, or with any boats or other vessels engaged therein, under proper authority, pursuant to the regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury.


No. 4.

Executive Chamber, Washington City, May 9, 1865.

May 9, 1865.

First. That all acts and proceedings of the political, military, and civil or- The authority gauizacions which have been in a. state of insurrection and rebellion, within the vf th? Uéimd State of Virginia, against the authority and *1aws of the United States, and of ?t§t‘°§ ?‘"=°$?“b° which JSHEPSOD Davis, John Letcher, and William Smith, were late the respec- gash m ul-· tive chiefs, are declared null and void. All persons who shall exercise, claim, pretend, or attempt to exercise any political, military, or civil power, authority, grisdictiou, or right, by, through, or under J eiforson Davis, late of the city of ichmond, and his confédoratos, or under John Lotzcher, or William Smith, and their confoderates, or under any pretended political, military, or civil commission or authority issued by them, or either of them, since the 17th day of April, 1861, shall be deemed and taken as in rebellion against the United States, and shall be dealt with accordingly.

Second. That the Secretary of State proceed to put in force all of the United States, the administration whereof belongs to the Department of State, applicable to the geographical limits aforesaid.

Third.' That the Secretary of the Treasury proceed, without delay, be nominate for appointment, assessors of taxes and collectors of customs and internal revenue, and such other officers of tho Treasury Department as are authorized by law, and shall put: in execution the revenue laws of the United States within the geographical limits aforesaid. In making appointments the preference shall bc given to qualified loyal persons residing within the districts where their respective duties are to be performed. But if suitable persons shall not be found, residents of the districts, then persons residing in other states or districts shall be appointed.

Fourth. That the Postmaster-General shall proceed to establish post-offices and post-routes, and put into execution the postal laws of the United States within the said state, giving to loyal residents the preference of appointment; but if suitable persons are not found, then to appoint agents, &c., from other states. Fmh. That the district judge of said district proceed to hold courts within said state, in accordance with the provisions of the act of congress. The A0- tomey—Geuera.1 will instruct tho proper ofHcors to libel, and bring to Judgmcpt, confiscation, and sale, property subject to confiscation, and cxifoxscc tho administration of justice within said state, in all matters civil and criminal withm the cognizanco and jurisdiction of the federal courts.

Sixth. That the Secretary of War assign such assmtaqt provost- marshal general and such provost-marshals in each district of saxd state as he may deem necessary.

Seventh. The Secretary of the Navy will take possession of ali ppbhc property belonging to the Navy Department within said geographical 1lD31bS , aod put in operation all acts of congress in relation to naval affairs having application to the said state.

Eighth. The Secretary of the Interior will also put in fbrcc the laws relating to the Department of the Interior. Mntla. That to carrylinto effect the guarantee by the federal c011s1:1tut10u of a republican form of state government, and a.H'ord jake advantage mid socuuty of domestic laws, as well as to complete the roéstabhshment of the 3.UthO1`1fX8Y}d Aid wm be laws of the United States, and the full and complete restoration of pcacqvvitlpn given to Gov. the limits aforesaid, Francis H. Piorpont, governor of the State of Vxrgmxa, amor Pierpout.