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THIRTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 184. 1866. 103 be received and determined relative to any erroneous or excessive valuations, assessments, or enumerations by the assessor or assistant assessor returned in the annual list, and such notice shall be advertised and posted by the assessor and mailed as aforesaid at least ten days before the time appointed for hearing said appeals. And it shall be the duty of the assessor for each collection district, at the time fixed for hearing such ap- Returns may peals as aforesaid, to submit the proceedings of the assessor and assistant b° mSP°°l°d‘ assessor, and the annual lists taken and returned as aforesaid, to the inspection of any and all persons who may apply for that purpose. And such assessor is hereby authorized at any time to hear and determine in a. summary way, according to law and right, upon any and all appeals Appeals may which may be exhibited against the proceedings of the said assessor or g:l‘}gg;‘";g’,¥ assistant assessors, and the office or principal place of business of the said y 5 ` assessor shall be open during the business hours of each day for the hearing of appeals by parties who shall appear voluntarily before him: Pro- not to be nlvided, That no appeal shall be allowed to any party after he shall have 1°"°d “fl°"»&"·i been duly assessed, and the annual list containing the assessment has been transmitted to the collector of the district. And all appeals to the _ to be in writassessor as aforesaid shall be made in writing, and shall specify the par- $§a"£f’d Sm" ticular cause, matter, or thing respecting which a decision is requested, and shall, moreover, state the ground or principle of error complained of And the assessor shall have power to re—examine and determine upon the assessments and valuations, and rectify the same as shall appear just and RMS5e5S- equitable; but such valuation, assessment, or enumeration shall not be in- mpgs,,,,,,,, creased without a previous notice of at least Eve days to the party inter- except utter tioested to appear and object to the same if he judge proper, which notice “°°· shall be in writing and left at the dwelling-house, office, or place of business of the party by such assessor, assistant assessor, or other person, or sent by mail to the nearest or usual post olhce address of said party: Provided further, That on the hearing of appeals it shall be lawful for the assessor to require by summons the attendance of witnesses and the b0Xi*¤°SS°S Md production of books of account in the same manner and under the same S' penalties as are provided in cases of refusal or neglect to furnish lists or returns. The costs for the attendance and mileage of said witnesses shall Qcsts and how be taxed by the assessor and paid by the delinquent parties, or by the P“‘d‘ disbursing agent for the district, on certificate of the assessor, at the rates allowed to witnesses in the district courts of the United States. That section twenty be amended by striking out all after the enacting Section zo, clause and inserting in lieu thereof the following: That the assessor of Assessors when each collection district shall, immediately after the expiration of the time °° “”’k° l‘“‘· for hearing appeals concerning taxes returned in the annual list, and from time to time, as taxes become liable to be assessed, make out lists containing the sums payable according to law upon every subject of taxation for each collection district; which list shall contain the name of each Liststocontain person residing within the said district, or owning or having the care or Whalisupcrintendence of property lying within the said district, or engaged in any business or pursuit which is liable to any tax, when such person or persons are known, together with the sums payable by each; and where there is any property within any collection district liable to t21X, not owned P*°P*?§l5' °' or occupied by or under the superintendence of any person resident therein, HOMW °°t°' there shall be a separate list of such property, specifying the sum pay- able, and the names of the respccaive proprietors when known. And the assessor making out any such separate list shall transmit to the assessor of the district where the persons liable to pay such tax reside, or shall have their principal place of business, copies of the list of property held by persons so liable to pay such tax, to the end that the taxes assessed under ahe provisions of this act may be paid within the collection district where the persons liable to pay the same reside, or may have their principal place of business. And in all other cases the said assessor shall