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222 THIRTY—NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 230, 231. 1866. The United the United States may at any time after the expiration of five years from $1:*** f‘“°Y Pm? the date of the passage of this act, for postal, military, or other purposes, gmssgugoggsm ’ purchase all the telegraph lines, property, and effects of any or all of said ceregmph lines. companies at an appraised value, to be ascertained by five competent, diswX:}:§;il‘°“'““‘ interested persons, two of whom shall be selected by the Postmaster-Gem eral of the United States, two by the company interested, and one by the four so rcviousl selected. Telegraph S20. And ZL it further enacted, That before any telegraph company $;Q‘;{’;:‘f§c;‘;>2l° shall exercise any of the powers or privileges conferred by this act, such mm of this mg, company shall iile their written acceptance with the Postmaster-General £:f*j'°;5gF¤i¤i¤S of the restrictions and obligations required by this act. g,g,,{;d h;,;,,} APPROVED, July 24, 1866. July 25, 1866. CHAP. CCXXXI. — An Act to dg/ine the Nunzber and regulate the Appoinimenl of Off-

 cars in the Navy, and for other Purposes.

P°“’ p' 5m' Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United 1£;l;1¤£€;£l; States of America in Oongress assembled, That the number allowed in ade of mw of each grade of line oillccrs on the active list of the navy shall be one adnlzers onthe miral, one vice admiral, ten rear admirals, twenty-five commodores, fifty

hst °*` *h° captains, ninetv cmamnnandgrs, one lauudred and eiglity geuéenarrt comman ers, one uu re an eig ty ieutenemts, one muu re am sixt

masters, one hundred and sixty ensigns, and in other grades the numbelr Increase in now allowed by law: Provided, That the increase in the grades author- 1Q3g? h°“' ized by this act shall be made by selection from the grade next below of ` officers who have rendered the most, efncicnt and fhithful service during the recent war, and who possess the highest professional qualifications and attainments. And nothing in this act. shall preclude the advancement in rank now authorized by law for distinguished conduct in battle, or for extraordinary heroism: And provided further, That nothing in this act, nor in the fourteenth section of the act approved July sixteenth, eighteen Who may be hundred and sixty-two, entitled "An act to establish and equalize the $£°;‘;.‘l ;:r 3d grade of the line officers of the navy," shall be so construed as to prevent mm,] 0,, mired the éecrctarv of the Navy frona promogiugi to the grads of rear admiral lis:. on me retire ist those commu ores w 0 1ave comman e squadrons by order of the Secretary of the Navy, or who have performed other highly memorious service. Appointrnents Sm. 2. And be it further enacted, That of the number of line officers ggiggzuéltixvo of the navy on the active list, five lieutenant commanders, twenty lieumm.,,,,, v,,;,,,,. tenantséffty ngasters, and Zevcngy-five ensigns may be appointed fron; tqer naval scr- t ose 0 cersw 0 have serve in the v0 unteer naval service for a eriod 0 "'°°‘ not less than two years, and who are either now in that service or hive been lf py these honorably discharged therefrom: Provided, That if by reason of these

£m)';'§}:'£:y appointments the number of onicers in any grade shall exceed the number

gmac exceeds fixed by law, no more promotions or appointments to that grade shall be mbz allowed by made uxml the nunnber IS reduced below the number fixed by lznv for tlmt Aumomy cp grade: And provzded further, That the authority given by t.his section

us;gd {lm? skull re exhausted when the number of volunteer officers above named

6 mlm EY 0 s all nave been once a ointed.

,l:?;°:;‘g,H§p_ Sec. 3. And be it I ?urther enacted, That the Secretary of the Navy

pointed. shall appoints. board consisting of not less than three naval officers sunn5;;;?0£°;fx' perior in rank to the officers to be thus appointed in the regular navy cmldidgms r,-Om from the volunteer service, which board, after examination of the claims YM MVK} V¤!¤¤· of all 'candidates, shall select and report to the Secretary of the Navy the t°i{;°JQL‘;`:d W most meritorious in character, ability, professional competency, and h0n· leccious. orable service, the number to be appointed and transferred to the severa grades mentioned in the second section of this act, roviderl the shall “¥::;;1°})'g: find that number who are suitably qualified therefor. Rnd any officer wlw hw served in the volunteer naval service for the term of two years or