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THIRTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 99, 100. 1867. 415 between the United States and her Britannia Majesty for the suppression I Supp§sio¤ of of the African slave—trade, seventeen thousand dollars. S *;‘(2·” :-140 For expenses under the act to encourage immigration, twenty thousand vo: 3f;?}, 58]: dollars_ Immigration. For expenses under the neutrality act, twenty thousand dollars. V£€;*fifhI;_2§€é_ For expenses of the commission to run and mark the boundary line Nounrcllty. between the United States and the British possessions bounding on \Vash- 0nB&;’£?;Y$:° ipgton Terrimy, twenty-eight thousand and seventy dollars. Te,-m0,,y_ 8 For defraying the expenses which may be incurred by despatches over Despat<=h¤¤ _ the Atlantic cable, thirty thousand dollars. g;,ff;l‘° A"“”“° For the payment of the second annual instalment of the proportion _ Second annual contributed by the United States towards the capitalization of the Scheldt :]**#él'*5];'*c*§·_ dues, to fulfil the stipulations contained in the fourth article of the con- mT,Qa°liOn Milfs vention bptwe]cndtl1e(}Tnited italics land Belgfiulp}, ofgthe pwentieéhnof lllay, sclfelgpidigeh eighteen inn re an sixty-t ree, the sum o ty- vo thousand ve um- · · · °· dred and eighty-four dollars in coin, and such further sum as may be necessary to carry out the stipulation of the convention providing for payment of interest on the said sum and on the portion of the principal remaininv unpaid. Approved, February 28, 1867. CHAP. C. -—An Act making Apprzpriatzbnsjbr the Support of the Zllilitary AcacZe1nyjfbr Feb, 28, 1557, thefiscal Year ending June thzrtiet , ezlqhreen hundred and sixty-eight, and jbr other ur- °_>‘*‘ poses. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and Military Aqndthe same are hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the treasury not 3;],; apPr°p"°' otherwise appropriated {br the support of the Military Academy For the year ending the thirtietli of June, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight : — For pay of officers, instructors, cadets, and musicians, one hundred and PW'- £lfLy-Four thousand eight hundred and forty dollars. For commutation of subsistence, five thousand and fifty dollars. commutation, For pay in lieu of clothinv to officers' servants, one hundred and fifty- &°; . . ix dollars ° 1 l py in lieu of 9 · c ot ling. For current and ordinary expenses, sixty-six thousand four hundred m§€:l;¤‘¤*l*9¤¤d and sixty-seven dollars. H ry x` For increase and expense of library, three thousand dollars. P0hlla>i·ur_y. For expenses of board of visitors, five thousand dollars. _ Board of vis- For forage for artillery and cavalry horses, nine thousand dollars. ’t°,‘§:mg° gui- horses iofr zrgtillery andt cavpry pli·nctice,lolne1th0usand dollars. ]6{g,es_' or repairs 0 0 ccrs quar cvs, V0 t Ousallt dollars. ccrs’ quar· For targets and batteries for artillery practice, five hundred dollars. t°I§;,m1m,y PwC_ For furniture for cadets' hospital, two hundred dollars. ticc. For gas pipes, gasometers, and retorts, six hundred dollars. H°’*PlE"l· F _ x_.‘1 f. _ f. _ bl _ Hu _ 6_ h Qnsp1pes,&c. Ol xnntum s 01 quarters or su a tel n o iteis, we thousand dollars. $,,;,,,],.,1.,, ,,m_ For ventilating and heating the barracks and other academic buildings; Cel;} t_ _ improvinv the apparatus for cookinrr for the cadets; repairinv the hospi- I if 'l;‘t‘"$* al tal buildliigs, including the introduction of baths for the sick, the construe- tion of water-closets in the library building, and new furniture for the recitation rooms, forty thousand dollars. For purchase of fuel for cadets’ mess-hall, three thousand dollars. Fuel. For the removal and enlargement of the gas works, twenty thousand Gas works. dollars. For additional appropriations, for which estimates were not made last Additional apyear ; ... propriations. For enlarging cadet laundry, five thousand dollars. L*“md'I>’· For furniture for soldiers’ hospital, one hundred dollars. g?ldl€l`$` h<>¤· For increasing the supply of water, replacing mains, and so forth, fif- P*\V;1m._ been thousand dollars.