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THIRTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 166. 1867. 448 representetive,end delegate, provided for by the act approved July fourth, 1864, oh. 260, eighteen hundred and sixty-four. wd_ xm p_ an For folding documents, including materials, forty-two thousand dollars. poydmg, For fuel and lights, including plumbing, gas fitting, repairs, and mate- &F¤¢1,lizbf·¤. rials, fifteen thousand dollars. °' For furniture, repairs, and packing boxes for members, forty thousand F¤¤'¤i¢¤¥¤- dollars. For horses, carriages, and saddle horses, ten thousand two hundred and Horses, euthirty dollars. riages, &c. For laborers, twelve thousand eight hundred and ninety-three dollars. Laborers. For additional annual compensation to Louis Saunders, in charge of Louis Suun- House water-closets, one hundred dollars, and for dehciency due him for d°“’· the current fiscal year, one hundred `dollars. For miscellaneous items, fifty-three thousand six hundred and fifty Miscemmeous. dollars. For newspapers, twelve thousand five hundred dollars. Newspnperl- For pages and temporary mail boys, sixteen thousand two hundred P¤·S°¤»&°· dollars. · For reportin and publishi proceedings in the Daily Globe, twenty- Rc}3<>r¤l¤ ,&¤ Glgllb thousand Ellollars. ng ln Daily Gfobe. For stationery, twenty-seven thousand dollars. Smti9“•¤7· For the usual additional compensation to the reporters of the House Addicionelpny for the Congressional Globe for reporting the proceedings of the House, *° '°P°*'*°’“· eight hundred dollars each! four thousand eight hundred dollars. _ _ Public Printing. -—— For compensation of the superintendent of the pub- mP“bl*° P“¤*· lic printing, and the clerks and messengers in his office, eleven thousand ii,). of mp", five hundred and seventeen dollars. intendent, For contingent expenses of his ofllce, viz: For stationery, postage,- ad- °l‘g;‘;;£‘;éu°i% vertising, furniture; travelling expenses, horses and wagons, and miscellaneous inemsytwo thousand dollars. For the public printing, four hundred and forty-three thousand eight _ Public printhundred and sixty dollars. “‘K• For paper for the public printing, seven hundred and sixty-five th0u— _ Paper for pubsand nine hundred and seventy-two dollars. h° P“"°‘“g• For the public binding, three hundred and iil`ty—0ne thousand three Binding. hundred and sixty-six dollars. For mapping in cases pending in the Supreme Court of the United Mapping. States, three thousand dollars. For lithographing and engraving for the Senate and House of Repre- Lithegmphing sentatives, seventy-five thousand dollars. °·"d °”8"“““K· Library of Congress.-- For compensation of librarian, five assistant Libmy oflibrarians, messenger, and laborers, thirteen thousand six hundred and C°1L“§"°:Q.'Hbm_ eighty dollars. _ mu,?;,,, For twenty per centum additional on the above, twenty-seven hundred and thirty-six dollars. _ For contingent expenses of said library, two thousand dollars. Contingencies For purchase of books for said library, eight thousand dollars. Books. For purchase of law books for said library, two thousand dollars. For botanic garden, grading, draining, procuring manure, tools, fuel, B¤*·¤·¤i¤ girzmd repairs, and purchasing trees and shrubs, under the direction of the g::·?_d g'°°“` library committee of Congress, three thousand three hundred dollars. For pay of superintendent and assistants, and assistants in botanic Super-lnte¤d· garden and greenhouses, under direction of the library committee of °”::·“d ““"*‘ ` Congress, six thousand one hundred and forty-five dollars and eighty m ` QGMB. For twenty per centum additional allowance ou pay of the above, twelve hundred and twenty-nine dollars and sixteen cents. _ For purchasing files of the leading periodicals and newspapers for said _FEl¤¤ 0* P6- hbrary, one thousand five hundred dollars. ;‘