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THIRTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 168. 1867. 469 To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to pay Isaac Strohm for Isaac Strohm. additional services as a clerk in the Treasury Department from January iirst, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, to March lirst, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, at the same rate paid for similar additional services prior to that date, four hundred and sixty-six dollars and sixty-seven cents. {,,;,,,,,1,. of Library of Congress. —-To enable the librarian of Congress to employ Congresstwo additional assistants, commencing April tirst, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, two thousand four hundred dollars; and there is hereby added to the contingent fund of said library the sum of one thousand dollars, to be expended for temporary help. For six iron stairways, repairs and repaintin g in the library of Congress, and for a new skylight in the central library, Eve thousand two hundred and sixty dollars. public {mud. Public Buildings and Grounds.—To pay for completing the repairs ings and and furnisliing the executive mansion, thirty-five thousand dollars: gwégtnu for Provided, That no further payments shall be made on any accounts for repairs and nnrepnirs and furnishing the executive mansion until such accounts shall ’{lShl¤8 °¤E°°“,;) have been submitted to a joint committee of Congress, and approved by L`;;;:?:? such committee. To replace the bruised and worn copper water-pipes or roof gutters of capitol. the Capitol building with iron pipes, three thousand dollars. To supply a deficiency in fuel for the President’s house and for the Fuel. Capitol, two thousand dollars. To pay lor a poudrette pit at the Presidentfs stable, five hundred and I sixteen dollars and nineteen cents. To pay for repairing streets passing along government reservations Street;. where they were washed away by the great treshet in October last, one thousand five hundred dollars. To pay {br sewer in the rear of H Street, between Sixteenth and Sewsrs. Seventeenth streets west, to abate a public nuisance, two thousand tive hundred dollars. To thoroughly repair the roof of the executive mansion, two thousand Executive five hundred dollars. m"“‘°“‘ To pay deficiency and keep in repair the bridge at or near Little Falls, Little Falls Potomac river, three thousand three hundred and fifty dollars. B"dg°‘ To pay deficiencies in the contingent expenses of the Senate as fol- g:¤*l¤8&¤;h lows:- Z:,,,n°°° ° For additional messengers, seven thousand dollars. te. For additional labor in the folding-room and material, ten thousand dollars. For stationery, ten thousand dollars. Jfscelltmeous. ——For deepening and improving Westport harbor, Con- Miscellaneous. necticut, twenty-five hundred dollars. b°:V°"l’°" ha" For dredging and maintaining the channel of the river Thames near -1:;,,,,,,, rg",. Norwich, in the State of Connecticut, to complete the work, thirty-six thousand dollars. For services rendered by the late F. M. Rotch, in furnishing an original F_ M_ gw0h_ article “ on cattle" for the agricultural report of eighteen hundred and sixty-one, two hundred and twelve dollars and fifty cents, to be paid to the widow. For temporary clerks in the Treasury Department for the fiscal year Tam ,,,,.y ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, fifty thousand ¢l¤¤‘k¤ l:)T¤‘¤¤-. dollars: Provided, That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is :g;,B°P"°' hereby, authorized in his discretion to classify the clerks authorized may be classiaccording to the character of their services. “°d· For the purpose of enabling the director of the mint to purchase Mint. publications relating to metals and the manipulations thereof for the library of the mint, one thousand dollars. For defraying the expenses incurred by the Department of State by