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THIRTY—NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 185, 186. 1867. 545 CHAP. CLXXXV.-—·An Act relating to Appeals and Write of Error to the Supreme March 2, 1867. O“"”· See Ante, p. 885. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Smeg of America in Congress assembled, That where any appeal or writ dp1><i_¤I¤ M of error has been brought to the Supreme Court from any final judgment QQ2u;;, gg or decree of an inferior court of the United States for any judicial dis- districts in mst in which, subsequently to the rendition of such judgment or decree, ggégglghsf the the regular sessions of such court have been suspended or interrupted by com, im, insurrection or rebellion, such appeal or writ of error shall be valid and been i¤f¤rr¤p¤· etfbetual, notwithstanding the time limited by law for bringing the same :';iig‘°&g{ b° may have previously expired; and in cases where no appeal or writ of mary bd _ error has been brought from any such judgment or decree, such appeal b*°“%l‘* Wtihm or writ of error may be brought within one year from the passage of this Ow yew set. The provisions of this act shall not apply to any ease in which the lA;; ¤¤rm>n¤p- right to bring an appeal or writ of error had expired before such suspen- gg6s_ °° sion or interruption of the regular sessions of the court. Sec. 2. And be itfurtber enacted, That where an appeal has been or _Appea1¤ from may be taken from any final judgment, decree, or order of the district *° court of the United States for any district to a circuit court, the cause may, if parties appealed by consent of parties may be heard and disposed of by the cir- ¤gr¤¤. be di¤; cuit court held by the district judge at any time after the appeal, in case £3?€‘;:§r?'Lg;s' of the absence at such term of the Chief 'J ustice of the United States or by district the associate ustice allotted to those circuit courts for such district. i¤<¤s¤» &°· Approved, March 2, 1867. CHAP. CLXXXVI.—An Act to regulate the Disposition of an irregular Fund in March 2, 1867. the Custody cy" the Freedmenis Bureau. ';"'_"' Wnmnsss the commissioner of the bureau of refugees, freedmen and P*`°“mbl°· abandoned lands reports a retained bounty fund, derived from a portion of the State bounties of certain colored soldiers enlisted in Virginia and North Carolina, during the years eighteen hundred and sixty-four and eighteen hundred and sixty-five; and hy virtue of general order number ninety, department of Virginia and North Carolina, series of eighteen hundred and sixty-four, holden by the superintendent of frecdmen’s affairs, but turned over to the said freedmen’s bureau upon its organization; and whereas the said commissioner has in possession the names of those soldiers from whom the said money was taken; and whereas he has uniformly returned the same upon the application or discovery of legal representatives, but retains a considerable portion thereof belonging to soldiers who are either deceased or who cannot be found: Therefore, Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the said commissioner of Commissioner the bureau of refugees, freedmen and abandoned lands, or his succes- :;f3“£‘g sor in office, be, and he is hereby, constituted the lawful custodian of congituied tim said retained bounty fund, and appointed trustee of the same for the ben— ¤¤{¤t<>di¤·¤ of N- efit of said colored soldiers or their lawful representatives. ;;:h°dm?§1;:;)t? Ssc. 2. And be it further enacted, That the said commissioner be, and poinicd trustee; he is hereby, specially authorized and empowered to invest the said fund, fuE‘é‘Y¤H‘&’$,3;*h° or any portion thereof, in bonds of the United States, for the exclusive wha; purpose benefit of the said colored soldiers or their legal representatives: Provided, Provimhowever, That a sufficient amount of the same in cash be retained uninvested to meet all lawful claims thereupon that will probably be presented for payment: And provided further, That any portion of the said fund which may remain unexpcndzd when the said bureau shall cease to exist ghall be accounted for by said commissioner to the treasury of the United tates. Approved, March 2, 1867. VOL. xiv. 35