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554 THIR'I`Y—NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 191. 1867. gist-ioztes NEW YORK. New li’i>rl:; m From South Petersburg to Berlin. · • · From Monticello, via Bushville, Stevensville, Briscoe, Jeffersonville, Falls Mill, and Calicoon, to Calicoon Station. I From Oswego City, via Oswego Centre, and North Hannibal, to Hannibalville. r North Caro- NORTH CAROLINA. ma, From Hillsdale to Greensboro’. om; OHIO. From Columbus to Beckett’s Store. From Young Hickory, via Sand Hollow, to Bristol. From Caledonia to Delaware. Oregon ; ORE GCN. From Salem, via Howell Prairie, to Silverton. Pennsylvania; PENNSYLVANIA. From Roxbury, via Amberson’s Valley, to Dry Run. From Sugar Grove, in Pennsylvania, to Watts’s Station, in New York. From Mahoutongo to Sweet Home. From Warfordsburg, via Emmasville, to Ray’s Hill. From Dayton to Kerr’s Store. From Reading, via Angelica, Hammel’s Store, California, and Welsh lliountain, to Waynesburgh. From Birdsboro, via White Bear Town, Beckersville, Hammel’s Store, to Adamstown. From Kasson, via Kane, to Marion. From Chatham Valley, via Darius Syke’s and Roswell Aehley’s, to Westfield. From Kinneysville, via Treat’s Corners, to Knoxville. From Auburn Four Corners, via West Auburn and East Springhill, to W)*alusin g. From Rowe, via Joseph Seeley’s and Kenyon Corners, to Nichols. From Blossburgh, via Ogdensburgh, to mouth of Roaring Branch. From Hollidaysburgh, via L. Bennett’s Mills, to Whitney’s Corners. From Karthon’s to Round Island. From Tioga, via Farmington Hill and Farmington Centre, to Osceola. From Montoursville, via Loyal Sock, Fairfield Centre and Wolf Run. to Munchy Borough. From H. Vermillyer`s, via Long Run and Sabinsville, to Westfield. From Ulysses, via Harrison Valley, to lVestfield. From Tarentum to Saxonburgh. From Kittanning to Plumville. From Mohrsville to Bernville. From Dundalf to Uniondale. From Salona to Lamar Mills. Tennessee; TENNESSEE. From Due West, via Level Land, to Temple of Health. Utv-hs UTAH. From Beaver, in Utah, via Minersville and Meddowsith, to Paranagat, in Nevada. virginia. VIRGINIA. From Trevi1ian’s Depot to Green Springs.