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THIRTY—NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. RES. 59, 60. 1867. 575 {No, 59.] Joint Rcwfjugzbn the ·Secre•g¤;&qf Staie to present to Oaptahz James March 2, 1867. G. Smith, of the Brmsh Brzg “Vzctorza," zz C’hr0namet»r, in Token of Ap ecia- ¢"—"" l12m of his Smrfces in rescuang fiom Death the Master, Officers, and Gm, am5wPaS- sengers on Board of 1}:2 Ameralxm Bra}; "E. H. I·Ttler." Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United State.: of America in Congress a.csemZ¤{ed, That the Secretary of State be, Gold chroand he is hereby, authorized and directed to cause to be procured and gfggfédtzom presented to Captain James G. Smith, master of the brig “Vietoria," of Captain James Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, 2. gold chronometer, in token of appreciation by G· Smidptfgf the government of the United States of his humane and successful etfores Q;;?;; (QH 8:,1 in rescuing from death the master, officers, crew, and passengers on board crew 9% the the brig E. H. Fitler, of Philadelphia, wrecked at sea. on the morning of é“‘§"§.?3;“g January t.we¤ty-sec0nd, eighteen hundred and sixtyeeveu.' ° APPROVED, March 2, 1867. [No. 60.] Joint Resolution in Relation to the Erection ofa Jail in the District of Columbzh. March 2, 1867. Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Stare; of America in Congress assembled, That no money shall be paid out N¤_¤<>¤¤yf¤> of the treasury towards the construction of the new jail for the District of gf8pf£S€‘Q;j§g: Columbia under the act approved twenty-fifth July, eighteen hundred and of the uew jail sixty-six, unless the letting of the contract for the building of said jail g*{h° £_ism°*°f shall be suspended and delayed until perfected plans for the entire work 1e§S?£c}a’ m` shall have been completed and approved by a board of three, composed 1366,ch. 236· of disinterested and eompeteut engineers and architects, of which Quarter- Amer P‘ 231* master-General M. C. Meigs, and A. B. Mullet, architect of the Treasury Department, shall be two, nor unless the letting of such contract shall have been open to fair and equal competition, on seasonable notice printed in two leading newspapers printed and published in the city of Washing- ton after such approval of such new and perfected plans, and than the .8§°w Bm f°' Secretary of the Interior be also authorized and directed co select a new J ` site for said jail under the said act. Arenoven, March 2, 1867.