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50 THIRTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 85, 86. 1866. M°¤°Y Order tion of one hundred thousand dollars under the thirteenth section cfm; °y"°m' act “t0 establish a postal money order systcm," approvqd May seven. 1664»<=}};_87,§ 13- teenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, which may rcmam unexpended v°I' m"' P' 79' at the close of the current fiscal year, may be used as far as necesjaryto supply deficiencies in pho proceeds of the money order system during the fiscal year commencing July first, mghteen hundred and gxxty-sax: Advcrtiw Sm. 6. And be it further enacted, That all advcrtmng, nnuces, and

‘j;“gg"";§°l;B proposals for contracts for the Post of50c Department, and all advertispubiisbéh in the ing, notices, and proposals for contracts for all thy Executive pcpartments

"*:'•·;vd¤g¥P¤P*>¤`¤ of the Government, required by law to be pubhshefl m the cuy of Wash-

,- 1,;,sQ"§§€1_ ington, shall hereafter be advertised by publication m the two daxly newslation. papers in the city of Washington havingjhe largest circulation, and in no

Charges- others: Provided, That the charges for such publications shall not be Ijgzer tha; 310}; as;? pa;} by indivicgiglsgor adgeatiiing in; sstid pager? n prom e asa at. the same pu ma nuns s a en mu ee m can 0 mgmuéaggn said papers equally; as to frequency, and that the circulation of such pa.- domgsmedfu pers shall be determined upon the tenth day of June annually; and the publishers of all papers competing for such advertising shall furnish a sworn statement of their bona fide paid circulation of each regular issue for the preceding three months; and shall in like manner certify under oath that such circulation has not, during the said three months, been increased by any grahuitous circulation, by a. reduction in price below the ordinary and usual price of such papers, or by any other means, {br the Charges. purpose of obtaining the official advertising: Provided, That the charge for such advertising shall not be greater than is paid for the same publications in other cities, or at a. higher rate than is paid by individuals for like advertisinv. Approved, ffuy 18, 1866. May 21, 1866- CHAP. LXXXVI. -An Act in prevent and punish Kidnapping. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United

£¤rr£i;¤g  States of America in Congress assembled, That if any person shall kidgemgi tojwuy ngp or  carry away any other person, whether negro, mulatto, 01* otheram us g, gum, jvxse, with the intent that such other person shall be sold or carried into

§°·»u<:;£g¤;¤d· involuntary servitude, or held as a slave; or if any person shall entice, aiging thereim persuade, or knowingly induce any other person to go on board any vessel how punished. arg; any mather place, with gui intent that he or she shall bs made or

 c as 2. s ave, or sent out o the country to be so made or held or shall

m a.ny way knowingly aid in causing anylother person to be hzald, sold, or carried away, to be held or sold as a slave, he or she shall be punished, on conviction thereof; by a. fine of not less than Eve hundred nor more tha; Hgighogsagii d011s2s, or by imprisonment not exceeding five years, or y 0 0 sm pums ments.

;$p:x¤§n€yr; Sm. 2.   be it further enacted, That if the master or owners, or

&° ‘0§ anvggd; person having charge of any vessel, shall receive on board any other permy person for son, whether negro, mulatto, O1' otherwise, with the knowledge or intent

  • v?;p¤;•Lgf that such person shall be carried from any State, Territory, or district

awa; fm sold of the United States, to a. foreign country, state, or place, to be held or ¤r held as v. sold as 8. slave, or shall carry away from any State, Territor or district ala h · y’ Mgt °W P“¤‘ of the United States, any such person, with the intent that he or she shall Qc so held or s01Q as a slave, such master, owner, or other person offemdnng, shall be pumshed by a 6ne 11ot exceeding five thousand nor less than five hundred dollars, or by 1mpris0nmcut not exceeding five yc m·s, or by both of sa1d punishments. And the vessel on board which

g;;s£•3 to be iéadévgrgon was rcccxvcd to be carried away shall be forfeited to the Uni-

· s. Approved, May 21, 1866.