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INDEX. 853 Civil Qjieea, (continued.) Civil Rig/ds, (continued.) cxvil officers, eztocpt, becoming dis- · fees of district attorneys, commissioners, qualified or incupamtated, the Presi- . clerks, marshals, &c ... . . 29 dent mnylsuspen and appoint persons how to be paid, and recoverable of teinporuri y to. . . . ... . . . 430 defendant . . 29 such persons to tekeceoth and give bond. 430 President may direct the judge and to receive su ary, 430 others to attend &c. for more speedy suspenséons éznd appointments to be re- Eel of persons charged with violating portc to enute 430 is act 29 if nextag concur, President may remove maydenforep act with the military tie officer an appoint a successor 430 an nava forces .. . 29 if Senate does not cgncur, suspended oth- appeal to the federal supreme court on cer to resume his uties.. .. .. 430 questions of law .. . 29 during suspension, salary to belong to Oivilized Indian:. See Kansas Indthns. officer performing the duties .. 430 certain, known as Kansas Indians, prosnspcnsion may be_ revoked before report visions concernin .. 777- "79 to Senate, and officer be reinstated. . .. 430 may be settled in the Cherokee country 893, vecnncies happening during; the recess of 804 the Senate, how to be filled ... 430, 431 Cho/namas, it' no appointtnpn. is mode to, office O appropriations for the . 265, 493 to remnin in a eynnce ... 43l {aim Agents no term of office extended by this act. . . . 431 fees of, in certain mntters pertaining to penalty for accepting or exercising office pensions ... 57 contrnry to this act . 431 Oh definition of, and special mx on 118 for removing, appointing, employing, imants or issuing, &.c. a cominissi/pin, &c. of property seized for forfeiture under to anypcrson contrary to is act 431 customs' revenue low .. . 18l secretary of Senate, at end of each ses- when to file claim, and to state what 181 sion, to furnish to Secretary of Treas- Clainw, 1 nry and his assistants, toouditors, comp- or sup ies and stores taken or used by trollors, and to the treasurer and regis- the Ignion troops, or for injuries caused ter of the treasury, list of nominations by them in any State, &c. declared in and rejections .. 431 insurrection, or, &c. not to be enter- President to notify the Secretary of tained by the court of claims 897, 398 Treasury when he has made an appoint- of certain Kentucky militia forces, called ment to office without the consent of tint under the command of John S. the Senate . , ... 431 ish, to be investigated and paid . 565 Secretary to notify the proper ac- for certain pua.rtermasters’ stores fi1r— counting and disbursing officcrs of nished to orces under the command his department . 481 of Mnj0r—Generel Lewis Wallace, and money not to be paid to, or received by, duly receipted for, to be entertained by any person contrary to this act ... 431 C! thedcotgt 0,; claims .. . . .. 572 no claim, account, &c. for such payment aims un er an uplcy Act to be approved, &c. . 481 proof of against estate of bankrupt. .525, 526 cnult · for violations hereof 431, 432 of corporations, how veritied ... 527 Civil Rayiizs, y proceedings where, before choice of asuct to protect and vindicate for all .. 27 sigpee, the judge doubts the validity of who are citizens of the United States 27 u c aim. . . . . ... their rights and obligations . . . . 27 no debts except those specified to be provpenalty for depriving, under color of lnvri Ch k thine.]; . . . _ . 526 &c. any person of any ri¤·ht secure r , ar , hereby by reason of color or ruee 27 allowance to, in settlement of accounts for courts of the United States, to huvejuris- 7 0] k pglgnc ngoéneycipst by nre 640 diction 2 ar a, war `t. 'air suits in State courts may be removed on allowance to, in settlement of accounts for motion of defendant 27 public funds lost by theft and without jurisdiction how exercised and enforced. . 27 is neglect . 624 district attorneys to institute proceedings Clarke, James (z., _ for violation of this act 1 28 gxyment to, as acting chargé d’aH"aires. . 683 number of commissioners of circuit and Clar , R. L. B., territorial courts to he increased .. 28 payment to .. 585 their authority under this ac; ... 2g C'lements,_Jane, 619 marshals an dc uties to 0 ey precepts 2 pension to, . . penalty for rgfusnl ... . 28 entitled to benefit of second section of uct commissioners may appoint persons to in regard to minor children of deceased execute warrants .. . Cl k ¤0IdwrS,1£ &c . . ..., 619 authorit of such ersons .. er warrant; to run wiijhere 28 of the Supreme Court of the District of penalty for obstructing process under this ggiumbia., accounts oh how to be set- 9 act . ... 28 . . . . z . . 30 for rescuing or attempting to rescue 28, 29 Clerk of Pardons, for aiding to escape , _. 28, 29 in the Departmentof State, pay of, for cxfor harboring or concealing with trnordmary services of. .. 466 knowledge . . . . . . . . . , . . 28, 29 appropriation .. . . 466