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INDEX. 367 Destitutc Indians q" Southern Superintendency, Dinbursing Agent, sppropriutions for relief of ... . 280 may be appointed where there is no colfull examination to be mode before lcctor at place of location of any pubpayment . .. 280 lie work . . . . .. . 341 Deslitute Population, Disbursing Ayents, in the District of Columbia, provision for collectors of internal revenue, acting us, the temporary relief of the ... 353 to disburse what moneys, &c. . 327 how to be expended .. . 353 Disbursiug O_{/ivers, Detection, Trial, and (,bnvicl:`on, drafts, checks, &c. standing to credit of} of persons violating internal revenue laws, for three years, to be deposited by the money may be paid for .. 473 Treasury, and carried to su “outst»mdof oounterfeiters of United States securi- ing liabilities " account 41, 42 ties and coin, appropriations for .. 455 accounts ot} remaining unchanged for Detective Ojfcers, three years, to becovemd into the Treesno one to assume or practice the occups- my und credited .. . . 42 tion of] in the Districtof Columbia with- to report stnnunlly all checks issued and out specific nppointment, unless, &c.. . 214 outstanding for three years .. 42 arresting persons for crime, to do what.. 214 may apply to court of claims for rclicf felonies not to be eompguutled . 214 from losses by capture, &c . .. 44 guilty persons not to aided to escape 214 where to deposit and how to druw public money not to be received from those money imrustcd to them . 64 cluirged with crime . 214 trzmsli·rs of money to, from Treasury, to Dexter, Mary J, he by draft or warrant ... 64 pension to ... 736 depositing, or drawing, &e. public money Diplomatic Correspondence, except us uutliorizcd, to be embezzleudditioual copies of Appendix to, for 1865 ment . 65 to be printed ... 570 provision where there is no treasurer, how to be bound and distributed 570 &c .. . . Diplomatic lfqmescntatives, of funds for public works, except army of any grnde, no salary, &c. to be paid to officers, to give bond 74 any who is not u native ora naturalized army ofiieers acting es, to have no comcitizen of the United States .. 414 missions .. 74 Directcrqf t/uz Bureau of Statistics, of the navy und murine corps to be slappointment, dntics, salary, &c. of .. 331 lowed credits for such losses of prop- Dirccwr of the Mrnt, erty us shull occur from circmnstnnccs appropriations for tho salary, &c. of beyond their control 345 the . .. . 202, 452 in the navy, transfer of appropriations Dircrlors ry' the General Hospital ty' the Dis- to settle accounts of . 38 trict ¢y" Columbia, except nrmy officers, of funds appropriect of incorporation of the .. 299, 300 ated for public works to give bonds. . . 422 powers and officers, &c. of the. . .299, 300 army officcrs disbursinp; such funds, not Direct Thx, to receive commissions .. 422 amount due by Missouri to the United accounts and vouchers of, to be sent di- States to be deducted from her claim. . 89 rectly to the proper bureau ... 57I _, 572 collection of the, in any State declared in Disbursement insurrection, suspended until January of public revenue, expenses of. . . . . . 203 1, 1868. ... 33l Discharge, (Soldiers,) due from West Virginia, to be deducted selc of, by colored soldiers, &e. for purirom claim for expenditures in aiding to pose of selling interest in bounty, null suppress the rebellion ... G8 and void ... . 368 ofAugu~it 5, 1861, quota of', for West Vir—_ secondary proof of issue ot] admitted in ginin, how to be ascertained und appor- applications for bounty . 493 tionsrl 568 Discharge. See Bankruptcy. collection of, to be suspended until, &c. . . 568 of bankrupt, in proceedings in bankruptcy provisos as to tux in Berkeley and JeB`er- and its effect ... 531 — 533 son counties ... . 568 bankrupt muy apply to court for, and Soc West Virginia. within what time . . . 531 Direct Tim: Comntissioners, notice to creditors by mail and publifor South Carolina to survey certain lends cation in newspapers ,... 531 into lots of twenty acres ouch 176 what acts of bankrupt will prevent or Direct Rimes, avoid discluwge . 532, 533 money wrongfltlly collected for, may be persons once diselmgcd, not to be ugnin refunded upon resentntiou of setisfuc· discharged, unless, &c . . . 532 tory evidence oipthe illegal collection. . 568 creditors opposing, to file specifications iu Disabled l"c•·scns, writing 532 who have served os enlisted men in the questions of fact thereunder to bo navy or marine corps for twenty years, tried when . 532 to receive from naval pension fund half certificate of, when to be grunted and the psy of their ratings when discharged 516 form of 532, 533 those who have so served for ten certain debts not discharged .. Z . 533 years may rtpply for uid from sur- not to be granted to debtor, unless, Gro. m plus income of navel pension fund 516 pptocecdiugs commenced nftcr one year, proceedings upon such applica- . 533 tion .. . 517 validity ol} may be contested .. 533