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INDEX. 875 Fees, (continued.) Fines, Penalties, and Fm;/éitures, (continued.) bill et} in suits before justices of the peace one half to the United States .. 546 in the District of Columbia ... . . . 402 ono lburth to the informer. 546 of registers under the bankruptcy act, 519, 521, one ibut th to collector, naval oflieer, 540 and surveyor, equally .. 546 in dividends, to have priority of pay- to collector only in districts ment .. 531 where there is no naval officer of odieer, &c. for duties under the act 540 or surveyor 546 to have priority of payment . . . . 540 where oflieer of revenue cutter is infbrm— general orders may be mude prescribing. 540 er, the residue to be divided as follows. 546, muy be changed from time to time. . 540 547 Female Clerks, one fourth to the United States 547 appropriation for additional pay of .. 26 one fourth to officers of the customs, in Post-oiliee Department, twenty per as above . . 547 cent additional pay to ... 324 one half to oflit-ers of revenue <-utter, in office of commissioner of internal rev- to be divided among them in proenue .. . ... 170 portion to their pny . 547 Female Clerks and Counters, Finney, Mary E., annual pay to be $900. . .. 207 payment to, of extra pay of Solon H. Female Folders, Finney ... 617 in dead-letter 0{lice, pay of, established. . 324 Ure. Seo l ortlaud. Female lnspectors, act. for the relief of the sudercrs by the, employment oi for search, &c. ... . . 178 at Portland 304 Fencing, Fire Department, public grounds, appropriation for ... 373 of Witsliington city may use and oceupy Fermented Liquors, certain buildings und en;;ine·h·»nses. . . 397 provisions of internal revenue law con- Firemen’s Insurance Cunipany ty' Wus/tizzgwn cerning . , ... 164, 167 ‘ and Gcorgetozvn, See Internal Revenue, p. 895. certain sections of act incorporating, re~ sour and unfit for use, may be sold, with- penled 9 out stamps, for mxmufactory purposes 167 stock howto be issued, held, and transwhen law relating t0, takes effect ... 168 fcrred , 9 Ferries, Fire- Proof Brick Building, tux on gross receipts of. .. 475 for '.l`rensu&y Department . 317 Ferry Boats, Iilre-Proof Bui/ ings, owned by foreign railroad corporation, for Wair I)epartment, estimates for . 327 provisions concerning ... 410 Flrst Assistant Engineers, Fictitious Proq/Q in the navy, appointment, rank, and pay penalty for adding ingredients to spirits of 223 to create, before tux is paid . . 160 First Auditor, Fiduciary Debts, See Bankruptcy. appropriations for, and forollice of. . 195, 196, not released by discharge in bankruptcy. . 533 444, 446 Field, Qqrus W., Hrs! Coruptroller, thanks of Congress and a gold medal to. . 574 appropriations for, und for officc ol`. . 194, 196, copy of resolution engrossed on purch— 444, 446 ment, to be sent hy the President, with First National Bank, the mednl, to . . 574 appropriation for interest on loans to govappro iriation .,.. 574 ernment by. .. . 313 Field and llleunted Qyicers, Fisheries, pay of, to be the same as that of cavalry assistant collector at Camden, N. J., may officers of like grades ... 422 give enrolment and licenses to certain Field Or<1m·, General S/terman’s Special, vessels engaged in .. 417 provisions for occupants of lands under. . 175, Fisher, Peter, 176 pension to ... 627 Fi/lh Auditor, Fisher, Ulysses E., appropriation for, and for office of. . 195, 196, claim of, for horses and other property 445, 446 impressed into the militnry service und Fines and For/Paitures, lost, to be audited and paid .. 643 under internal revenue law, collectors to limit to amount no be allowed .. 643 suc for . ... lll, 145 Fish, George W., suits where to be brought ... lll, 145 payment to, for consular services ut Ningnot to be commenced without au- po, China . 617 thority 145 Fishing Bounties, what amounts to be paid informers.. 101, 118, laws allowing to vessels licensed to en- 145, 146 gage in the fisheries, repealed 328 Fines, Penalties, and Fmfaitures, duties may be remitted on salt used under customs law, act to regulate the in curing fish. . 328 disposition of the proceeds of . 546, 547 Hs/1, James S., deduction of authorized charges and ex- claims of certain forces called out under pcnses 546 the command of, to be investigated and of amount equal to the duties in paid ..._ . . . .,.. 565 coin, &c ... 546 Fitzgerald, Dalia A., _ residue to be paid into the United States may apply lor extension of patent grunttrcasury and distributed . 546 cd to Jesse Fitzgerald ... 621