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72 FORTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 61, 69. 1868. N•¤‘i¤•¤<¤’P¤· pairs of gas and water-fixtures; water rent, forage, straw, bnrraok furniture; thrniture for officers' quarters; bed sacks, wrapping paper, oil cloth, crash, rope, twine, spades, shovels, axes, picks, carpenters' tools; keep of a horse for the messenger; repairs to fire-engines; purchase and repair of engine hose; purchase of lumber for benches, mess-tables, banks; repairs to public carryall; purchase and repair of harness; purchase and repair of handcarts and wheelbarrows; scavengering; purchase and repair of galleys, cooking stoves, ranges; stoves where there are no grates; gravel for parade grounds; repair of pumps; furniture for staff and commanding officers’ offices; brushes, brooms, buckets, paving, and for other purposes, seventy-five thousand dollars. N¤¤¤b¤¤‘¤f¤¤- Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the number of persons aug:?:,?;?;?;" thorized to be enlisted into the navy of the United States, including seamen, 8,600 men. ordinary seamen, landsmen, and mechanics, and including apprentices and boys, is hereby fixed and established at eight thousand five hundred, and no more. Gcrtnin vnu- S1-nc. 3. And be it farther enacted, That all unexpended appropriations

§§’§; existing on the first da of July next, for any of the several heads of

carried to sur- appropriation provided {Kr in this act, shall be carried to the surplus fund, {2;* glgdr °¤‘ unless the same is necessary to pay expenditures made during the current ’fiscal year, or unless the same is necessary to execute contracts made before said date. T $¤¤¤‘¤*¤*;¥ <>*` Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Treasury ¤;°:::2;m?“u_ is hereby directed in his next annual estimates of appropriations to state mmswsmta all the balances of appropriations made prior to the present session of

f§§°‘{¤“§;° Congress, for each branc of the public service, and remaining unex-

P ’pended on the first day of July next, and designate the amounts necessary to execute contracts or pay expenditures properly chargeable to each 0*` such balances. Approved, June 17, 1868. J11M 29. i868;_ CHAP. LXIX. -— An Act to adniit the State of Arkansas to Representation in Congress. !’¤•¤¤¤¤l>i¤· Wummss the people of Arkansas, in pursuance of the provisions of an vg?·Qifl‘bi5:Q8_ act entitled "Au act for the more eilicient government of the rebel Am, pp. 2, 14, States," passed March second, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, and the U- Acts supplementary thereto, have framed and adopted a constitution of State qovernment, which is republican, and the legislature of said State has du y ratified the amendment to the Constitution of the United States proposed by the Thirty-ninth Congress, and known as article fourteen: Therefore, Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United m$;l:,”;‘;*: **2; States of America in Congress assembled, That the State of Arkansas is ,,,,,m;°,, hp entitled and admitted to representation in Congress as one of the States Cdpgreisn. of the Union upon the following fundamental condition: That the con- °°¤&'Q,°‘;'j°°”°“] stitution of Arkansas shall never be so amended or changed as to deprive any citizen or class of citizens of the United States of the right to vote who are entitled to vote by the constitution herein recognized, except as a punishment for such crimes as are now felonies at common law, whereof they shall have been duly convicted, under laws equally applicable to all the inhabitants ‘0f said State: Provided, That any alteration of said constitution prospective in its effect may be made in regard to the time and place of residence of voters. SCHUY§,E1}t“ COLFAX, ca r of the House o R smtatives. B. F. WADE. f me President ey" the Sonata pro tompore.