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LIST OF THE PUBLIC ACTS OF CONGRESS. xiii Page [No. 80.] Wlzarves in Oswego, NY. Joint resolution giving the assent of the United States to the construction of certain whnrves in the harbor of Oswego, New York. July 27, 1868. . . 263 [N0. S1.] Dglopping of absent Army Officers. A resolution to drop fiom the rolls of the army cet- 26 tain 0 `cors absent without authority from their commands. July 27, 1868 .. 3 [N0. 82}] Ord:. fl éesolutignl joint resolution appealing to the Turkish government in bchulf of 263 t ie peep e 0 rece. y 27, 1868 .. . ... . . [N0. Si;] Reoiuzgc. Joiptyesolution to aid in relieving from peonagc women and children of the 264 'avajo n ians. u y 27, 1868 . ... [No. 84.% C/zig/` Clerk in Office of Sergeant-ot-Arms Joint resolution relative to the pay of the c ref clerk m the office of the Sergeant-atarxns of the House. July 27, 1868 264 STATUTE III. — 1868 — 69. Sale of Prope1-ty of the United States at IIa1per’s Ferry. An act providing for the sale of the lands, tenelments, nndfwftgr-privilelgres btgonging toglie United States at and near Harpers Ferry, in the county 0 e erson, est irginiu. ecember 15 1868, ch. 2 ... 265 Manujltctured Tobacco. An act to amend an act entitled "Aii act imposing taxes on distilled spuits and tolboccpj and bfor other purposes," approved July twentieth, eighteen hundred an sixty-cig t. ecem er 22, 1868, c . 4. . 266 Evidence. Congular Certificates. An actlrauthorizing the admission in evidence of copies of certain papers, ocuments, an entries. anuary 8, 1869, ch. 7 .. . 266 Disbanding Alilitia Forces. An act to repeal certain provisions of section six of an act entitled "An act making appropriations for the support of the army for the year ending June thirtieth, eightieu dhufndreg and sixty-eight, and for other purposcs,” approved March second, eighteen un re an sixty-seven. January 14, 1869, ch. 9 ... 266 Removal y' Causes _/rom State to Federal Courts. An act amendatory of an act entitled "An act relating toi habeas corpus and regulating judicial proceedings in certain cuses.” January 22, 1869, c . 18 . 267 Contested Elections. An act to amend an act entitled "An act to prescribe the mode of obtaining evidgnpe in cose1s of contested elections," approved February nineteenth, eighteen hundre and y-one. anuary 23, 1869 ch. 15 . 267 Jiidslnipmcn. An act in relation to the bppointment of midshipmon from the lately reconstructed States. January 30, 1869, ch. 16 ... 267 Mlilary Academy Apgropriation. An act making appropriations for the support of the military academy for thel fiscal year ending June thirtietb, eighteen hundred and seventy. Februnry 2, 1869, c . 19 . 268 Pensions Appropriation. An act making appropriations for the payment of invalid and other pensions of the United States for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy. February 2, 1869, ch. 20 . . 268 Land Titles in Nebragka. fnsnct supplementary to an act entitlcdc;An not to confirm the titles to certain lan s in the tate of Nebraska. February 2 1869, . 21 . 269 Patent·0jicc Appropriation. An act making appro rintions lor the payment of salaries and coutingent expergels of the potent office for ganuury and February, eighteen hundred and sixtymine. e ruury 9, 1869, ch. 23 ... 269 Coolie Trade. Japan. An act to amend an act entitled "An not to prohibit the coolie trade by American citizens in American vessels," approved February nineteen, eighteen hundred and 269 sixty-two, February 9 1869, ch. 24 ..., Poor in the District if Colgmbid. An act for the temporary relief of the poor and destitute people 269 in the District of olumbia. February 18, 1869, ch. 31. .. Banking Associations. An act to prevent loaning money upon United States notes. February 19, 270 1869, ch.32 ... . ... .. Assay Officc in Idaho. An not to locate and establish an assay office in the Territory of Idaho. 270 February 19 1869 oh. 33 .. 8 .. . ... Circuit Courts in Aikugrasi. A1} actlto give axiaaldditional term of glue United States Circuit Court for the eastern istrict o Arkansas. e mary 19, 1869, c . 34 .. . . . ... 271 Customs Duties on ccitain llwincry. An act to authorize the importation of machinery, for repair only free of duty. ebruary 19, 1869, cb. 35 ... . ... . 271 Holly, Wayne, and Monroe Railway Companyi An act to enable the Holly, Wayne, and Monroe Railway Company, in the State of ihichigwn, to have the subscnptxon to nts capital stock duly stamped. February 19 1869 c . 36 ... . ... 272 Drawbridgc over the Connecticut Ricci. hAri act to establish a certain post·roud in the State of Connecticut. February 19, 1869, c . 87 . . .. 272 Drawbridgc over the Connecticut River. An act to establish a certain post-road in the State of Co¤· uccticut. February 19, 1869, ch. 38 .. . . 273 Customs Collection Districts in Maine and Mw Jersey. An act to establish the collection district of Aroostook, in the State of Mninc, and to more accurately define the boundaries of the district of Newark, New Jersey. February 22, 1869, ch. 42 . . . . . . 273