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124 F ORTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 183, 184. 1868. ner as hereinafter provided, all that portion of the military reservation known as Fort Gratiot, in St. Clair County, in the State of Michigan, which lies south of a line running due west from the south end of the Grand Trunk railroad wharf, on the St. Clair river, until it intersects the road known as the Lexington road, and all that portion which lies west; of said Lexington road. Portiopof Seo. 2. And be it further enacted, That all that portion of the above·

  • m'g*i*£0 described lands which lies east of a line runmng due south from the point

blocks, 8,, my of intersection with the Lexington road, mentioned 111 the foregoing secwid by lots at tion of this act, shall be divided into blocks and lots of convenient size for- P°bH° ““°u°“‘ building purposes, with public streets conforming as near as may bg, without detriment to the interests of the government or the State, to the public streets of the city of Port Huron, adjoining such ground, and sold by lots at public auction, at the city of Port Huron, to the highest bidder, Norm, public notice of such sale having first been given for thirty days by ad. vertisement in all the papers published in the city of Port Huron, and in _ P1¤·tcfdiviS— at least two papers published in the city of Detroit, Michigan. A plat; ‘°“· of this division, made in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan, shall be filed with the register of deeds of the county of St. Clair, Km of 1*56*- State of Michigan. The remaining` portion of said military reservation,

$;$,“,fdbQ0$,’ld for the sale of which provision is made in the first section of this act, shall

be sold at public auction at the city of Port Huron, after due notice, as prescribed in the foregoing paragmph. at such times and in such parcels as may be deemed most advantageous to the interests of the government, by the Secretary of War. l°*'°¢°°d8 of SICC. 3. And be it further enacted, That the proceeds arising from the °°'l°°' sale herein provided for, shall be paid into the treasury oi' the United States in the same manner as the proceeds from the sale of other public lands. AP1‘ROVl£D, July 20, 1868. _{}_1l§y[}Q;]8f@;__ CHAP. CLXXXIV.-An Art to oid the 1'mpravmnent of the Des .Moincs and Rock Island lhzpids, in the Mississippi River. _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Mailed m§;F£f,;"i%‘:f“Y· States of America in C'0n_qress assembled, That whcncvcr in the proscma,. be ,},;,0,, in cution of the improvements of the Mississippi River, at either the Des making im- Nloincs or Rock Island rapids therein, it becomes necessary or proper to

 2; take possession of the right of way over any lands, or to use any earth,

Rock Island quarries, or other material lying adjacent or near to either of said works, R¤t>i<l¤3 and needthl {br its prosecution, the officer in charge of said work, or hiS assistant, may, in the name of the United States, take possession of and virtue to be first use the sz1me,aftcr having first paid, or secured to be paid, the value Pwd °" “°°“'°d· thereof, which may have been ascertained in the mode provided by the laws of the State wherein such property or material liefsj, for adjudging the value of private property which may be needed for any public im- Pmvisa. provcment: Provided, however, That when the owncr of such property or material shall tix a price for the same, which, in the opinion of the said officcr in charge, shall be reasonable, he may take the same at such price without further delay. rartof nppm- Sec. 2. And be {tfurther enacted, That n. portion of the a.pproprimions L""’jm‘ EQ? "° made or to be made for the prosceuiion of the improvements aforesaid, pp ’not exceeding fifty thousand dollars in amount, may be applied in pay- ment of the property or material taken and used as aforesaid. AP1‘ROVBD, July 20, 1868.