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132 FORTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II, Ch. 186. 1868. _Di¤tiU¢¤, M- Sec. 18. And be it jimker enacted, That everylperson engaged in dis.

§;;§)£§“1° tilling or rectifying spirits, and every wholesale liquor dealer and mm.

and compound- pounder of liquors, shall place and keep conspicuously on the outside of fs °""‘l“"F;u[° his distillery, rectifying establishment, or place of business, a sign, in plain Q,aj;;,°(:,°gE`0u,, and legible letters, not less than three inches in length, painted in gil side oipmce of colors or gilded, and of a proper and proportionate width, the name or

 Erm of the distiller, rectifier, wholesale dealer, or compoundcr, with the

N f Zlvoiidsi, “1$egistered (;iistihe;y," "recti5;-2* of spirits,’;)" whollesalef liquor 0 °¤¤€ ea er, or compouu cro xquors, as G case may G; an no ence or {'Q§’;° E" fm wall of a height greater than five feet shall be erected or maintained around the premises of any distillery, so as to prevent easy and immediate Keys to gates. access to said distillery; and every distiller shall furnish to the assessor of the district as many keys of the gates and doors of the distillery as may be required by the assessor, from time to time, for any revenue officer or Dismmy to be other person who may be authorized to make survey or inspections of the always ueeessi- premises or of the contents thereof; and said distillery shall be kept bw always accessible to any officer or other person having any such key. Pemuty. Any person who shall violate any of the forerroing provisions of this sec- _ tion by negligence or refusal, or otherwisefshall pay a penalty of live llisllglffpigin hundred dollars. Any person not having paid the special tax, as required fim,,,,,, my." by law, who shall put up the sign required by this section, or any sign in- ¤u¤¤it<>1'spc¤iu1 dicating that he may lawfully carry on the business of a distiller, recti- "“" tier, wholesale liquor dealer, or compounder of liquors, shall forfeit and pay one thousand dollars, and, on conviction, shall be imprisoned not less an yvorkingin than one month nor more than six months; and any person who shall

 work in any distillery, rectifying establishment, wholesale liquor store, or

no sag"; in the store of any compounder of hquors, on which no sign shall be V f<;*jv:***°xl¤*§lY placed and kept as hereinbefore provided, and any person who shall

 Q,,? knowingly receive at, carry, or convey, any distilled spirits to or from any

tmintsuclrpliice, such distillery, rectifying establishment, warehouse, or store, or who shall ${:1*};; hrnotvrtiilytcarr-y and eleliyer alpy gran, nziolasseks, ori othler gev; mategial o any isi ery on wnc suc swn sia not e pace an cpt, s a forfeit all horses, carts, drays, wagdns, or other vehicle or animal used in carrying or conveying of such property aforesaid, and, on conviction, shall be fined not less than one hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars, or be imprisoned not less than one month nor more than six months. Distillers to Sue. 19. And be it further enacted That every person makinv or m**é<¤ *l'*:¤t;li¤Y distilling spirits, or owning any still, bdiler, or other vessel used fora the outxé ?urb0(;Ls_ purpose of distilling spirits, or having such still, boiler, or other vessel so used under his supermtendence, either as agent or owner, or using any such still, boiler, or other vessel, shall, from day to day, make, or cause to be made, true and exact entry in a book or books, to be kept by him, in , such form as the commissioner of internal revenue may prescribe of the l·0rm of k- . . . ’ book, and of materials, and the quantity in pounds, bushels, or gallons pur- Numm of Bn_ chased by him for the production of spirits, from whom and when purmm, csmscd, and by what conveyance delivered at said distillery, together with t ie amount paid for therefor, the kind and quantity of fuel purchased for use in tip: distillery, and from whom purchased, the amount paid for ice or water br use in the distillery, the repairs placed on said distillery or distilling apparatus, the cost thereof, and by whom and when made, and the name and residence of each person employed in or about the distillery, and in what capacity employed; and in another book shall make like 'entry [of] the quantity of grain or other material used for tho production of spirits, the time of day when any yeast or other composition is put into any mash or beer for the purpose of exciting fermentation, the quantity of mash IH each tub, designating the same by the number of the tub, the number of dry inches. that is to say, the number of inches between the top of each tub and the surface of the mash or beer therein at