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190 FORTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 244. 1868. maps;-rpads es- MICHIGAN. · e Mizhigmli; From Montague to Stanley. From Hersey to mouth of Chippewa Creek. From Montague to Otto. Minnesota; MINNESOTA. From Houston, Minnesota, via Dedham, Blackhammer, Spring Grove, Prairie Grove, Locust Lane, and Canoe, in said State, to Decorah, Iowa. From Waseca, via Otisco, Woodville, and Richland, to Albert Lea. From Jackson, via Lake Talcott, Lake Shetek, Saratoga, and Lynde, to Redwood Falls. From Lime Springs, State of Iowa, via Canfield, Cherry Grove, and Aetna, to Spring Valley, Minnesota. From Paynesville, via Spring Hill and Bishop’s Grove, to Sauk Centre. From Saint Cloud to Rockville. From 'I\rin Lakes, via. Fond du Lac and Oneota, to Du Luth. From Sauk Rapids, via Princeton, to Taylor’s Falls. From Moore’s Prairie to Rice City. From Afton to Stillwater. From Mankato, via Red Jacket Mills, Castle Garden, Good Thunder’s Ford, and Mapleton, to Minnesota Lake. From Waseca, via J osco, Janesville, and Leroy, to Mankato. Hiwuri s MISSOURI. From Trenton, in Grpndy county, Missouri, via Edenburg, Grub·town, and Bolton, to Bethany, in Harrison county, Missouri. From Finney’s Grove, in Carroll county, Missouri, to Utica, in Livingston county, in Missouri. From Rolla to Jefferson. From Rolla to Rolesdale, in Arkansas. From Salem, via Eminence, to Thomasville. From Breckinrldge to Finney’s Grove. From Carthage to Fort Scott in Kansas. R Flfom Rolla, via Campbell Mill, Plumb Point, and Rowden’s Mill, to oc town. From N ew Haven, via Benaf Creek, and Stony Hill, to Drake. From Saint Charles, via Portage des Siouux, to Alton, in Illinois. From Rolla to Forsythe. GlFrom Rocheport, via Old Franklyn, Boonesb0ro’, and Lisbon, to asgow. L From (Patmrson, via McKenzie’s Creek, and Monmouth Springs, to ogan’s ree . From Pleasant Home to Wilmothville. From Chillicothe, via School Creek, to Carrolton. From Rockville, via West Point, Butler, and Johnston to Clinton. O Frtim Rocheport, via Hudson, Johnson City, and Chalk Level, to sceo a. ClFrom Holden, via Hughes’ Store, Norrisfork, and Huntingdale, to mton. From Clinton, via Belvoir and Nevada City, to Lamar. From Osceola, via Hudson, to Butler. t From (Califlprnia, via Magnolia, High Point, Rocky Mount, and Mining, o mn ree . D From Cole Camp, via Lake Creek, Haw Creek, and Byler’s Mill, to uroc. From Bolivar, via Stockton, Virgil City, and Nevada City, to Fort Scott, in Kansas. From Butler, via West Point, to Rockville, in Kansas.