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196 FORTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 246. 1868. $¤F¢¤‘i_¤$¢¤d· Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That for the more eiiicient manage. Q2;,?, ,‘:‘;‘f‘§§[ ment of the increased postal business connected with the foreign mail Ser. ditiomn clerks vice, the Postmaster-General be, and he isihereby, authorized to appoint

  • “él;?;$°d· in his department a superintendent of fbreign mails at an annual salary

‘of three thousand dollars, and also three additional clerks for that branch Salary or su. of the postal service, to wit: one of class four, and two of class three; £;*;l¤;l`<3f¤0d<5¤l:_ °f and that the salary of the superintendent of the money-order system shall Xl l' 0 · be three thousand dollars per annum. s rstem. lqhiefot di— Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That the Postmaster-General be, E3g\{*<fgcg*;“g and he is hereby, authorized to appoint in the office of the third assistant th,,,.,,€d_ postmaster-general, a chief of division for the dead-letter office, at a, SWT}'- salary of two thousand five hundred dollars per annum. pagizzlzyinuvon Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That, if any person employed in ·de artment of the ost-ollice establishment of the United States sh ll ployed in any ally P _ P _ 3 postéoi-Hoe, dao. wilfully and knowingly, use or caused to be used IH prepayment of postage; °*C “°W‘“‘·5Y any postave stamp or stamped envelope issued or which may hereafter be , & . . ° . gzzgy pcgscggg, issued by authority of any act of Congress or of the Postmaster-General spy stsgnp or which has already been once used for a like purpose, or shall remove or $,e’l;"pl;°a,fg‘,:dy attempt to remove the cancelling or'defacing marks from any such postage so used; _ stamp or stamped envelope with intent to use or cause the use of the

 same a second time, or to sell or offer to sell the same, or shall remove

m,,}k_.,_ with ii, from letters or other mail matter deposited in. or received at a post-office mnt, &c. _ the stamps attached to the same in payment of postage, with intent to use ,.r0,‘:`,2iQ;‘;;"é§c_ the same a second time for a like purpose, or to sell or offer to sell the Stamps, gwlwnh same, every such oitender shall, upon conviction thereof, be deemed guiltv

              • 1*, &°· of felony, and shall be imprisoned for not less than one year nor more

than three years. Penalty upon Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, T hat if any person not employed £f;f,‘;’A°,:°;0‘;Q‘ in any department of the post—oiHce establishment of the United States Omg? y,,, mm- shall commit any of the offences described in the preceding section of this ¤n;£¤¤1sgh§g;;S act, every such person shall, on conviction thereof; be deemed guilty of a g g ‘ misdemeanor, and be punished by imprisonment for not less than six months nor more than one year, or by a fine of not less than one hundred dollar; nor more than five hundred dollars for each ofeuce, or by both suoi ne an imprisonment.

£;;°;: C   12, And be it further enacted, That section nine of an act of

at n,sc.,um, · ongiess, approved July one, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, authorlggtsgtlrlnd M lZlI'lg the sales of postage stamps and stamped envelopes at a discount, be to ,,,,,,,0},,, who so modified that the quantities of each sold at any one time to the same ugly sen. party shall not exceed one hundred dollars in value ; and that such sales l, :,;i.l;;’b€3¥; shag be restricted to certain designated agents who will agree to sell again wif out discount under rules to be fixed by the Postmaster-General. cokggttm; Big, 13. And be zt f5m‘her enacted, That it shall not be lawful to de- [@,,,,8, &c€m, W posit in a. post-ollice, to be sent by mail, any letters or circulars concerning be eepmnag an lotteries, so-called gift concerts, or other similar enterprises offering prizes Mw P¤5¤-0 <=¤ 0 any kind on any pretext whatever to he sent by . . ' .· bn0.14. Andb if iz man. e z uri er enacted, That the Postmaster-General be forkitzznléggengy and he is hereby, authorized and empowered to establish a blank agency D8pm,,mm‘;S_ fOr tho Post-Office _Department, to be located in the city of NVashington, mbns;,,,d,,, District Ol"C0l|.llY1bl3, and to appoint one superintendent at an annual lVg§¤;ggm;]d_ salary of eighteen hundred dollars, one assistant superintendent at an em, and assis, annual salary of sixteen hundred dollars, and three other assistants at an apltainnd their annual salary of one thousand dollars each, and two laborers at an annual l . S égfsr blank salary of seven hundred, and twenty dollars each; and all other blank ,,86,,,*, abol., agencies are hereby abolished. nslkgéxm mms angel; line; be zt further enacted, That the PostmasterTGeneral bc, on foreign 0mm_ s re y, aut ouzed to conclude arrangements with the post triies for ex- departments of foreign countries, with which international postal conven·

m‘;;;Bg,°m;*§:}ll tions have been or shall be concluded, for the exchange of small sums of