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FORTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 248. 1868. 221 colonizing, supporting, and furnishing said bands with agricultural imple- other aiiiiiated ments and stock, pay of necessary employees, purchase of clothing, medi- b’·¤d*~ eines, iron and steel, and maintenance of schools, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, fifteen thousand dollars. Oalt)"0r¢z.ia.—- For the purchase of cattle for beef and milk, together California, with clothing and food, teams and farming tools for Indians in California, forty thousand dollars. For pay of one physician, twelve hundred dollars; one blacksmith, seven hundred and fifty dollars; one assistant blacksmith, five hundred dollars ; one farmer, seven hundred and twenty dollars ; one teacher, seven hundred and fifty dollars; and one carpenter, seven hundred and twenty dollars, upon each of the reservations in California; and one miller, at seven hundred and fifty dollars, upon each of the Round Valley and Hoopa Valley reservations. For the purchase of a grist and saw mill, Round Valley reservation, California, five thousand dollars. For expenses of removal and subsistence of Indians, not parties to any Removal md treaty, in Oregon and Wasliingtou Territory, and for pay of necessary S“b?l¤*¢¤}<>¤ Of employees, twenty thousand dollars. Igglgzzlfvggg; For an amount to pay the settlers of Hoopa Valley for their personal iiwton. property left upon the Iloopa Valley reservation at the time the govern- Hl§°“l$sl§’f ment took possession, four thousand two hundred and sixty-seven dollars. com a ey' For removing the Indians from Smiths River reservation to Hoopa Smith RM,. Valley and Round Valley reservations, three thousand five hundred dol- reservation dislars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, and the Smith River reser- °°“‘l““°d· vation is hereby discontinued. Navay`0 Indians of New llkcvico.-— For amount of deficiency expended Navajo Inin subsisting the Navajocs at the Bosque Redondo, according to the con- dians of New tract made by Theodore H. Dodd, from the twenty-second of May, M°x'°°‘ eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, until their removal to their old homes, twenty-one thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, at eleven cents per ration. For cost of removal of the Navajoes from the Bosque Redondo to their old home, and for sheep, cattle, and corn, as provided for in article twelve of the new treaty, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, or so Pest. n 6’70· much thereof as may be needed. For annuity goods, not exceeding five dollars per head, as provided in article eight of the new treaty, thirty-eight thousand five hundred dollars. For seeds, farming implements, work cattle, and other stock, provided for in article seven of said treaty, two hundred thousand dollars, to be expended under the direction of Lieutenant-General Sherman, of the Indian peace commission. For constructing warehouse, agency building, blacksmith and car— pentcr’s shop, and school-house, per article three of said treaty, twelve thousand five hundred dollars, to be expended under the direction of Lieutenant-General Sherman, of the Indian peace commission. To enable the Secretary of the Interior to take charge of certain stray Pottawatoy bands of Pottawatomie and Winnebago Indians, in the State of \Visconsin, mil? Md Wim five thousand dollars. M agocsi For salary of a special agent to take charge of Winnebago and Pottawatomie Indians now in the State of Vtrisconsin, one thousand tive hundred dollars. _ _ For subsistence, clothing, and general incidental expenses of the Sis- Sum Sioux scton, Wahpeton, Medawakanton, and \Vaupakoota bands of Sioux or Dakota Indians, known as the Santee Sioux, at their new homes near the mouth of the Niohrara, fifty thousand dollars. For payment of interest on one million six hundred and ninety thousand hmm on three hundred dollars, non-paying stock, held by the Secretary of the non-paying