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236 FORTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 264. 1868. ¤i•>¤ ¤¤<l¤¤‘ act other purposes," approved July twenty-fifth, eighteen hundred and sixty- 0f1am:, eh. 235 . . . . if child, &c_ is ’ six, or any subsequent act, such widow, or the guardian of such children, inmate of any shall not be deprived of such increase by reason of any child or child.-gn

”l’l° **1**** of such deceased soldier or sailor being the inmate of any home, orphan';

v01_ gi, P_ 230_ asylum, sr osher publicfor lprxvate chlixritablegnstigntien or%nized thfr {pg care an e ucatiou o so iers or ans un er the laws 0 an 0 he States, or in any school or institutioh where such orphan may in vyvhole or in part be maintained or educated at the expense of a State, or of the ublic. Certain pen- P Sec. 6. And be it_fl¢rt/wr enacted, That all pensions which have been sions Wh¤¤ granted in consequence of death occurring or disease contracted, or f:;‘:;:‘}r;°m°`:'§;¤ wounds received, since the fourth day of March, eighteen hundred and time. sixty-one, or may hereafter be granted, shall commence from the discharge or from the death of the person on whose account the pension has been theggicxmejw or shall hereafter be granted: Provided, That the application for such be med] pension has been or shall hereafter be, filed with the Commissioner of Pensions within five years after the right thereto shall have accrued; except that applications by or in behalf of insane persons and children under sixteen years of age may be filed after the expiration of the said live years, if previously thereto they were without guardians or other proper legal representatives. Public mma Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That immediately upon the passage mba gm,, of ofthis act, or as soon thereafter as may be practicable, it shall be the qcutents of scc- duty of the commissioner of pensions to give public notice of the contents t‘°" *""‘ of the foregoing section, particularly at the offices of the several pension Mmm of agencies; and upon any application by letter or otherwise for or on p9,,Si,,,,s to be behalf of any person entitled to the benefit of its provisions, or upon any paid- notification that such person is so entitled, to pay or cause to be paid to him all such arrears of pensions as he may be entitled to under the procmm agam visions of the said section; and no claim agent or other person shall be not entitled iq entitled to receive any compensation for services in making application §g:'£;:£PEL?g for`the arrears of pension under this and the preceding section. Pemkm; mh bec. 8. And be zzffurther enacted, That section eleven of an act entitled to be waved to "An act supplementary to the several acts relating to pensions," approved gvidpwstpban- June six, eighteein hundred and sixty-six, be amended and re-enacted 09***8 ‘°“' _ so as to read as ollows: "That if an officer, soldier or seaman shall xlglggzmgibls have died of wounds received or of disehse contracted ik the line of duty personstvhtwe in the military or naval service of the United States, leaving a widow °h‘“`g° °f°h°"" and :1 child or children under the a e of si tee d l ll b ms,¤u.1oc, , g ¥ " y°’“`S· Fm. ‘. im ° gu, · duly certified pnder seal, by any court having probate Jurisdiction,. that V°l· ¤¤"· P· 68- satisfactory evidence has been produced before such court that the widow aforesaid has abandoned the care of such child or children, or is an unsuitable person, by reason of immoral conduct, to have the custody of the same, or on presentation of satisfactory evidence thereof to the commissioner of pensions, then no pension shall be allowed to such widow until said child or children shall have severally become sixteen years of age, mgéptgdggg gn- any previous enactment to the contrary notwithstanding; andthe child or mm. clnldien aforesaid shall be pensioned in the same manner as if no widow lmdlsurvlived the said olllcer, soldier, or seaman, and such pension mav be puit to tie regularl authorized uardian of such child or children." V Whwheirf <>f Stce. 9. And be zgtfttrther waged, That section six of an act entitled fslggggigggltnfgy "An act supplementary to the several acts relating to pensious," approved receive them. June six, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, be, and the same is hereby, 13}:, <;l;;7l06» é>76· amended and re-enacted, so as to read as follows: That if any person en- ' 'p'titled to a pension has died since March fourth, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, or shall hereafter die while an application for such pension is pending, leaving no widow and no child under sixteen years of age, his or her heirs or legal representatives shall be entitled to receive the accrued pension todwlhiph thke applgcangwopld have been entitled had the certilieate een issue e ore is or er eat .