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250 FORTIETH CONGRESS. Sues. II. Rus. 19, 20, 23, 24. 1868. March 12, 1868. [No. 19.] A Resolution providing for the Issueof Clothing to_Soldiers and others, to """”’-‘ replace Clothing destroyed to prevent Contagwn. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States G¤¤*¤it<>¤¤_i¤· of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War be, and he 3i1Q25g2fog is hereby, authorized, at any time, on the recommendation of the surgeon. have hadpon- general of the army, to order gratuitous issues of clothing to soldiers who g‘gi°““ d‘S°“‘°“¤ have had contagious diseases, and to hospital attendants who have nursed c` and attended such soldiers, to replace the articles of their clothing which have been destroyed by order of the proper medical officers to prevent contagion. Approved, March 12, 1868. Mmh 1% 1868- [N0. 20.] Joan zuwzumm www to me Post-Office and sa-Treasury of on ynoston. Be it resolved ay the Senate and Muse of Representatives of the Lbzited Bu§gf_:§£f;~ States of America in Congress assembled, That the mayor and postmaster &c. in Besteii. of the city of Boston, the assistant treasurer of the United States at the city of Boston, the president of the Board of Trade of the city of Boston, Commisqion to Alpheus Hardy and Daniel Davis, of Boston, be appoirued a commission p“’°h”° sm' to purchase a site for a building to accommodate the post-office, subtreasury, and public ofices of the United States in the city of Boston, in accordance with their report submitted to the Postmaster—General and the A¤¤>¤¤¤ ¤¤` Secretary of the Treasury, and by them approved, viz. The estates lying £§;fh"s°'m°` on Devonshire Street, and between Water Street and Milk Street, in the city of Boston, (containing about thirty thousand square feet,) and that they be authorized to purchase the same for a sum not exceeding five ~ hundred thousand dollars ; and the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to pay such sum of money as may be necessary to carry the foregoing resolutions into eifect from any money in the treasury hereafter TNG to be up- to be appropriated: Provided, That no money shall be paid out of the P'°"d' treasury in pursuance of this resolution, until the title to the aforesaid estates shall be properly certified by the United States district attorney for the district of Massachusetts. APPROVED, March 12, 1868. March 16, 1868. [No. 23.] A Resolution to authorzke the Erection of a military Storelzouse at Fort W Monroe, Virginia. Resolved by the Senate and fbuse of Representatives ey" the United States h0ILi;gg\:'¥_g:<;¤'¤· of America in Uongress assembled, That the Secretary of War be, and Mmm my be he is hereby, authorized to grant permission to William H. Kimberly, rebuilt. army and navy contractor at Fort Monroe, Virginia, to rebuild the military storehouse recently destroyed by fire at that post, upon such conditions and under such restrictions as the Secretary of War shall deem compatible with the interests of the government. APPROVED, March 16, 1868. March 24, 1888. [No. 24.] Joint Resolution rl`§_l:rn¢;gtieree` % the National Asylum jbr Disabled Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United

 States of America in Ootzgress assembled, That Erastus B. Walcott, of

,-0, dis,,,,,;,; SOL Wisconsin, John H. Martindale, of New York, and Hugh L. Bond, of diers. Maryland, be, and hereby are, appointed managers of the National Asy- 13% ihzgj go? lum for Disabled Soldiers, under the provisions and conditions of the third section of an act approved March twentydhird [first], eighteen hundred and sixty-six, from the twenty-first of April, eighteen hundred and sixty- eight; and that Hugh L. Bond, of Maryland, be, and is hereby, appointed manager to serve out the unexpired term of Horatio G. Stebbins, of California, resigned.