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208 FORTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 19, 20. 1869. Feb. 2, 1869. CHAP. XIX. —— An Act making Appropriations fbi' the Szzvport of the Military Academy "—_`_" jbr the fiscal Year ending une t/zirlieth, eng/zteen undred and seventy. Bc it enacted Qy the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Mi¤m·yAe¤.d. States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and {my ¤PP¤>P¤l¤· the same are hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the treasury tw"' not otherwise appropriated, for the support. of the Military Academy fmthe year ending the thirtieth June, eighteen hundred and seventy: 0¤<>¢¤‘¤,i¤· For additional pay of officers, and for pay of insu·uctors, cadets, and §:;'}°°°“’°“d°"’ musicians, one hundred and eighty-Your thousand Eve hundred and sevenny dollars and eighty-eight cents. subsistence, For commutation of ofIicers' subsistence, six thousand one hundred and thirty-two dollars. For pay in lieu of clothing to OmC€1'S, servants, one hundred and fifty- six dollars. Cumm:,&¤. For current and ordinary expenses, sixty~one thousand nine hundred ¢¤P°¤¤°¤· and thirty dollars. Library. For increase and expenses of; library, two thousand dollars. Board ofvis- For expenses of board of visitors, two thousand dollars. “°"*·. For forage for artillery and cavalry horses, four thousand dollars. Artillery and . _ . cavalry horses. For horses for artillery and env alry practice, two thousand dollars. _Repail-s, fur- For repmrs of officers’ quarters, three thousand dollars. m’“"°·&°· For furniture for cudets’ hospital, five hundred dollars. For gas pipes, gasometers, and retorts, six hundred dollars. For materials for quarters for subaltern officers, three thousand dollars. Fofpurchase of fuel for cadets’ mess-hall, two thousand dollars. For furniture for soldiers’ hospital, one hundred dollars. For reflooring ucqdemic building and barracks, one thousand dollars. For repairing roads, five hundred dollars. For contingencies for the superintendent of the academy, one thousand dollars. APPROVED, February 2, 1869. pb; {gg _ CHAP. XX.—AnActmakirq A 0l' f th P t f1 · Z':} d th P -

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seventy. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Mzited Pensions ep- States of America in Uongress assembled, That the following sums bc, and P’°P"“‘°“* the smne are hereby, appropriated, ou]; of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the payment of pensions for the year ending the t,hu·ueth of June, eighteen hundred and seventy : Invalid. For invalid pensions under various acts, nine million dollars. Revolution- For pensions of widows, children, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sis-

g·;$g°£:§";x_ ters of soldiersyas provided for by acts of March eighteenth, eighteen

p.,,,,,,, ,g ,86,,, hundred and eighteen; May fifteenth, mghreen hundred and twenty- cies. eicht; June seventh, eighteen hundred and thirty-two; July fourth ggé? eighteen hundred and thircy-six ; July seventh, eighteen hundred and 1882,’ch.'12é. thirty-eight; Merch third, eighteen hundred and forty-three ; June seveniggfp ggg- teenth, eighteen hundred and forty-bur ; February second, July twenty- 1843: (,;,:102: first, and July twenty-ninth, eighteen hundred and forty-eigl1t; February {gg, cth.81<;2·8 third, eighteen hundred and fifty-three; June third, eighteen hundred 1z0_ *° ‘ · 0 * and fifty-eight; and July fourteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty=tW0, 1658,oh. 41. with its supplementary acts, and under various special acts and for 1858»¤l¤·85· compensation to pension avents and ex enses of a eneies ten million 1.*162, chi. 166. dollars ° P g ’ 1864, c . 247. ’ _ _ _ _ .1865,ch. 84. | For navy pensions to invahds, widows, and children, and other relaigggv gg; tives. of the officers and men of the navy dying in the line of duty, ·HOW ’ _ provided by law, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Navy P°°°'°"”‘ Ammovxcn. February 2, 1869.