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FORTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 48. 1869. 277 for rent of landings; for tolls and ferriages ; for water-tax,aud for rent of stores, eight hundred thousand dollars. Navy Y ard at Portsmouth, Mw Hampshire.—For the necessary Navy Yard at repairs of all kinds, fifty thousand dollars. P°l`l?¤m°“thi Navy Yard at Boston.-——For repairs of buildings, and repairs of all Boston; kinds, one hundred thousand dollars. Navy Yard at Maw York.-- For repairs of all kinds, one hundred New York; thousand dollars. Navy Yard at Philadebolzia. —For repairs of all kinds, twenty-Eve Philadelphia; thousand dollars. p Navy Yard at Washington. ——For repairs of all kinds, fifty thousand Washington; dollars. Mavg Yard at ]%7fol/c. — For preservation of the yard and the neces- Norfolk; sary repairs of all kinds, thirty thousand dollars. Navy Yard at Pensacola. ——For preservation of the yard and the Pensacola; necessary repairs of all lginds, thirty thousand dollars. Navy Yard at Mare Island. — For repairs of all kinds, sixty thousand Mare Island. dollars. Naval Station at Sacketfs Harbor. — For repairs and the general care Naval station of the public property, one thousand dollars. gl §f‘°k°“`S H"' Mwal Station at Jlhund Oity, Illinois.- For necessary repairs of all Oltigund City, kinds, five thousand dollars. Naval Asylum at PhiludeQalzi¢.—-—For furniture and repairs of same, NavalAsylum. one thousand dollars. For house-cleaning and wliitewashing, eight hundred dollars. For furnaces, grates, and ranges, six hundred dollars. For gas and water rent, one thousand two hundred dollars. For general improvement. and repairs, five thousand dollars. For cemetery, five hundred dollars. For support of beneficiaries, fifty-four thousand dollars: Provided, That _ Appropriathis appropriation and all amounts hereafter appropriated for the support :;**3*:1 $*:0 ggm of the naval asylum at Philadelphia, the beneficiaries therein, the pay paid {mmm. of officers, repairs, contingent and other expenses, shall be charged to and ¤¤¤¤<? of ¤¤V¤! paid from the income of the naval pension timd. P°"S‘°° mud' For pay of superintendents and the civil establishment at the several Civil estabnavy yards and stations under the control of the bureau of yards and llshmwl ¤* docks, and at the Navy Asylum, fifty thousand dollars. navy yum Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting.- For the purchase of hemp Bureau of and othermaterial for the navy; for the purchase of eoal and the trans- :;1;§;3;¤'*_°¤d portation and other expenses thereon; for the purchase of various articles K ’ of equipment, viz: wire rope and machinery for its manufacture, hides, cordage, canvas, leather, iron cables and anchors, furniture, galleys, and hose, and for the payment. of labor for equipping vessels, and manufacture of articles in the navy yards pertaining to this bureau, eight hundred thousand dollars. For expenses that may accrue for the following purposes, viz: For treight and transportation of materials and stores for bureau of equipment and recruiting, expenses of recruiting, transportation of enlisted men, printing, postage, advertising, telegraphing, and stationery for the bureau, apprehension of deserters, assistance to vessels in distress, two hundred thousand dollars. For the pay of superintendents and the civil establishment at the several navy yards under this bureau, eighteen thousand dollars. Bureau of Navigation. -- For navigation apparatus and supplies, and __ of¤aviga— for purposes incidental to navigation, viz: l"°“· For pay of the civil establishment under this bureau at the several navy yards, twelve thousand dollars. For local and foreign pilotage and towage for vessels of war, fifty thousand dollars.