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F ORTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 121. 1869. 285 eighty-eight dollars; four messengers, at one thousand seven hundred and twenty-eight dollars each; two mail boys, at one thousand and eighty dollars each; chaplain of the House, nine hundred dollars; two stenographers, four thousand three hundred and eighty dollars each ; su per— intendent of folding-room, two thousand one hundred und sixty dollars; superintendent and assistant of the documenuroom, at five dollars and seventy-six cents per day each ; eleven messengers, five at eighteen hundred dollars, and six at fourteen hundred and forty dollars each; twelve messengers during the session, at the rate of fourteen hundred and forty dollars each per annum; making, in ull, the sum of one hundred and thirtyseight thousand six hundred and sixty-seven dollars: Provfzlcd, That of the twelve assistant clerks the two designated as reading clerks _ Sularvofreadof the House of Representatives shall receive an annual salary each, ‘"l§;°{}‘; xvi beginning with the present Congress, of twenty-five hundred and ninety- pp, m_ u,` ` two dollars. For contingent expenses of the House of Representatives, viz: Contingent For cmmge, three thousand eight hundred dollars. °xP°““’“‘ For clerks to committees, and temporary clerks of the House of Rep- _G1erks to comresentatives, thirty-two thouszmd two hundred and thirty-two dollars. ""°°°°“· &°‘ For folding documents, including materials, thirty-seven thousand five Folding. hundred dollars. For fuel and lights, including plumbing, gas-fitting, repairs, and mate- _ FW Md rials, fifteen thousand dollars. hgh"' For horses and carriages lbr the transportation of mails and for the use Horses and of messengers, ten thousand dollars. °m`"”‘g°s' For laborers, eight thousand dollars. ]`·¤b¤Y9¥‘¤ Md For miscellaneous items, thirty-five thousand dollars. 1ms°€mm°°u°' For packing—boxes for members of the House of Representatives, ten Y’=*¤ki¤z· dollurs’ worth for each member and delegate, twenty-two hundred and b°x°S` sixty dollars. For newspapers and stationery for two hundred and thirty-three mem- Newspapers bers and delegates, at one hundred and twenty-five dollars each per mm sm°‘°“°'-Y' annum, twenty-nine thousand one hundred and twentydive dollars. For twenty pages for the floor of the House and three riding pages, at Pages. the rate of two dollars per day while actually employed, eleven thousand two hundred and seventy dollars. For stationery, ten thousand dollars. Public Pwfnhfng.-—For compensation of the congressional printer, l’ul>lic and the clerks and messengers in his office, twelve thousand five hundred P"2I;*“g· i ngress onnl and fourteen dollars. rinter, clerks, For contingent expenses of his office, viz: For stationery, postage, gw-_ _ advertising, furniture, travelling expenses, horses, and wagons, and mis- °x(I;Q;;£?°"t cellaneous items, fifteen hundred dollars. For the public printing, four hundred thousand dollars. P¤‘i¤ti¤€· For paper for the public printing, four hundred thousand dollars. I’¤P¤*· For the public binding, three hundred thousand dollars: Provided, Binding- k That all blank·b00ks and binding shall be made and done at the govern- sinsé ment bindery; and all payments of public money for government print- where. _ ing or binding not done at the government printing office according to mg;"?? the provisions of the act of July twentieth, eighteen hundred and sixty- ing &c_ ,B,t to eight, shall not be allowed by the accounting officers of the government: be allowed. _ Provided further, That no proposition for printing extra copies of public lf:1;;°;·Hf_‘ documents, the expense of which shall exceed the sum of five hundred y;,,;,Q copies, dollars, shall be considered by either house of Congress until the same shall have been referred to the joint committee on printing, and ordered by concurrent resolution of the two houses. For lithographing and engraving for the Senate and House of Repro- Lithogruphing sentatives, eighty-five thousand dollars. ¤¤I¢l_¢¤£mV*¤S— . . · · - xbrury of Lzbrary aj Congress.-——For compensation of the librarian, two thou- COHEN5S_ sand five hundred and ninety-two dollars. Psy ofli-