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208 FORTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 121. 1869. and one at twelve hundred dollars; making, in all, sixty-eight thousand five hundred and twenty dollars. St Agricultural Statistics. — For collecting statistics and material for an- 1 S I - · mm ,.Bpm_ nual report, fifteen thousand dollars; one watchman, seven hundred and twent dollars. C**m° dls°°°°- Foil, continuance and completion of investigations of cattle disease, _ fifteen thousand dollars. in Oontingencics. — For stationery, freight, and incidentals, five thousand agriculture. d0llu·rS• · _ For purchases for library, laboratory, and museum, five thousand dollars. For fuel, light, and miscellaneous expenses, three thousand two hundred dollars. For keep of horses, fifteen hundred dollars. For cases for museum, repair·s of fhrniture, fences, and water, two _ thousand five hundred dollars.

 For labor and repairs in the experimental garden, and purchase of

plants for the same, ton thousand dollars. For improvement of the grounds, ten thousand dollars. $**5- For purchase of new and valuable seeds and labor in putting them °f‘;*;QS*'“°¤l°¤ up, twenty thousand dollars. And this act shall not be so construed as ' to reduce the compensation of any employee of the government below the amount allowed in the last or present appropriation bill. Mint and assay 0,,,% UNITED STATES MINT AND ASSAY OFFICE.

 “* Phllb Imnt at Pbiladciphia. — For salaries of the director, treasurer, assayer,

` melter and reliner, chief coiner and engraver, assistant assayer, and seven clerks, thirty-seven thousand nine hundred dollars. For wages of workmen and adjusters, one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. For incidental and contingent expenses, twenty-tive thousand dollars. ·For Ispecimcns of ores and coins to be preserved in the cabinet of the nrrnt, six hundred dollars. For· freight on bullion and coin, five thousand dollars. S&gY%¥:_;2S;§g¤¤ Brunch ./Witt, at San. Francisco, California. ——- For salaries of super-- " rntendent, treasurer, assaycr, melter and refiner, coiner, and six clerks, thirty thousand five hundr·ed dollars. d {?Ol` wages of workmen a'nd ad_justers, one hundred and fifty thousand ol ars. _For incidental and contingent expenses, repairs, and wastage, sixty- mne thousand five hundred and forty-five dollars. For specimens of ores, three hundred dollars. N0·*;v§¤%r{>{m¢¤, Assay Ojicc, Mw York. —-For salaries of superintendent, assayer, ' alnd melaer und fehliertiassgstant assayer, officers, and cler·ks, twenty-five trousam seven run re o lars. . For wages of workmen, in addition to unexpended balances of former appropriations, forty thousand dollars. _ hor incidental and contingent expenses, fifty thousand dollars. "l},*'§::;lk_;¤‘¤* Igranch Mpzt at Denvcr.—- For assayer, who shall have charge of the sai mint, cig rteen hundred dollars. For mclter, eighteen hundred dollars. .For wages of worknren, twelve thousand dollars. 1<or two clerks, at eighteen hundred dollars each, three thousand six hundred dollars. For incidental and contingent expenses, three thousand dollars. bxshew OP- Brrmcirjlhnt at-Mw Orleans.- For the cane and preservation of the blpanch érménplburldrngs, machinery, and material at New Orleans, three thousand dollars.