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FORTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 6. 1867. 8 registration hereby provided for in any State, at such time and places ,A*°*‘ °°¥PPl¤· . . . . · tion of registratherein as the commanding general shall appoint and direct, of which at mm and upon least thirty da_ys’ public notice shall be given, an election shall be held of at iéast thirty delegates to a convention for the purpose of establishing a constitution flfyii '*°*l°%°f and civil government for such State loyal to the Union, said convention in pl;cé;u3,:,?,;°,' each State, except Virginia, to consist of the same number of members Mr ¤i¤<=ti¤¤t<>b¤ as the most numerous branch of the State legislature of such State in the lxggniztgz? year eighteen hundred and sixty, to be apportioned among the several toesmblisha districts, counties, or parishes of such State by the commanding general, °°;?i”“*l°¤- giving to each representation in the ratio of voters registered as aforesaid mm §,°§;;?;`°t as nearly as may be. '1`he convention in Virginia shall consist of the whatnnmberof same number of members as repre=ented the territory now constituting m’;“§€;:e;“::(‘i‘ Virginia in the most numerous branch of the legislature of said State in how uppm-I the year eighteen hundred and sixty, to be apportioned as aforesaid. *i<>¤€d= Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That at said election the registered b8:i;°,l}?:gQ;‘}:°' voters of each State shall vote for or against a convention to form. a con- and how uppon-° stitution therefor under this act. Those voting in favor of sucha con- *i°R:‘¥h , vention shall have written or printed on the ballots by which they vote tion, ,:03; for delegates, as aforesaid, the words “For a convention," and those voting be tuken for or against such a convention shall have written or printed on such ballots $§;l?§g“°°°' the words “Against a convention." The persons appointed to superin· wnofocoum; tend said election, and to make return of the votes given thereat, as here- ${**6 ’°*¤¥`¤ *11** in provided, shall count and make return of the votes given for and wm' against a convention; and the commanding general to whom the same S°°P°°(’P’°1° shall have been returned shall ascertain and declare the total vote in each State for and against a convention. If a majority of the votes given on b (g?*?g§?*l°¤ -0 that question shall be For a convention, then such convention shall be held j,;.;,; 0; QM as hereinafter provided; but if a majority of said votes shall be against vom castarefor a convention, then no such convention shall be held under this act: Pro- “ BSS vided, That such convention shall not be held unless a majority of all gyngjopitygf such registered voters shall have voted on the question of holding such $Btg}:;g%;¤;<§‘°d convention. - Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the commanding general of thliglrhsxliaiiiting each district shall appoint as many boards of registration as may be ne- 53}*::*::035*;*Bf ccssary, consisting of three loyal officers or persons, to make and com- gegistmtionfn plete the registration, superintend the election, and make return to him super-intend the of the votes, list of voters, and of the persons elected as delegates by a f;;‘f;°:°z;‘;S N plurality of the votes cast at said election; and upon receiving said re- him; turns he shall open the same, ascertain the persons elected as delegates, S) °·$°°`§"*Pl¤th according to the returns of the officers who conducted said election, and ;g,.sg,:g°£gi€d° make proclamation thereof; and if a majority of the votes given on that as delegates; question shall be for a convention, the commanding general, within sixty ;tgS‘;g‘;gg;llf" days from the date of election, shall notify the delegates to assemble in gimramjority convention, at a time and place to be mentioned in the notification, and of ¤h¤ VMS QW said convention, when organized, shall proceed to frame a constitution °rc%:$gX§K::$g' and civil government according to the provisions of this act, and the act meet and frame to which it is supplementary; and when the same shall have been so ’:v§?2;i;Lgt°§° framed, said constitution shall be submitted by the convention for ratifica- submitted to the tion to the persons registered under the provisions of this act at an elec- registqmd voters tion to be conducted by the officers or persons appointed or to be appoint- ed by the commanding general, as hereinbefore provided, and to be held forhow to be after the expiration of thirty days from the date of notice thereo£ to be Qv<§;?1°;l°¤;*6dh8l d given by said convention; and the returns thereof shall be made to the &,_,_ ’ commanding general of the district. Sw Pvsi,_p. Q6. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That if; according to said returns, is {_;§‘é:gl";‘;t;’“ the constitution shall be ratified by a majority of the votes of the regis- majority Ofithe tered electors qualitied as herein specined, cast at said election, at least vows <>=¤¤¤, half one half of all the registered voters voting upon the question of such rat- :;,2;; ?;°;y ification, the president of the conventionshall transmit a copy of the thereolw be