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326 FORTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 129, 130. 1869. by issuing bonds, bearing interest as aforesaid, as a loan to said company, to be used in the construction of said road, or to aid said company in the construction of said road by the credit of said county in any other manner the said commissioners may think proper: Provided, That the Subscription, said subscription, loan, or other aid so given by said commissioners to g”g·0%°,§J’g_°‘“°d said company shall in no case exceed the sum of three hundred thousand to be silbmit- dollars: Ami provided further, That the said subscription, loan, or other fedfoflw P¢<*Pl°· aid, shall have been submitted to the people of said county and been 2Q3e2Q3Q2z5g:? voted for by three fourths of the legal vote cast at an election held for uic legal votes that purpose: And provided further, That if said yote be taken at a °“i‘_,*;)_ice Bmw_ special election} the notice phall be the Same as provided by the laws of · said erritor or enera e ections. millqixnty com- Sm;. 3. Lid bg it further enacted, That the county commissioners of

 the county of Walla-Walla, in the Territory of Washington, be, and they

tion to take a are hereby, authorized. and empowered to hold’a special election,'at such

3;:;;  times as they may designate, after twenty days public notice, whrch said

gid {O me md_" election shall be governed by the gener? laigs.ofbthe Terrgtory upon the sub'ect of elections, at w ich e ection the ai to e iven said count to sltid \Valla-Walla and Columbia River Railroad gCompa)iiy, either by subscriptions to stock or otherwise, shall be submitted to and be voted upon by the legal voters of said county in such manner as said commis- Attempting to sioners may designate: Provided, That this grant is made upon the cx- °}*‘*‘l***":.'“'°E*· press condition that any effort by said company hereafter to obtain any

 tg land grant, subsidy, or pecuniary aid from the United States government

§F>;hi;"¤;`;iltpr¤ ship work a fomtupegoflging grant. ' P1>110v1·;1>, rc , . March 3, 1869. CHAP. CXXX. -—An Act regulating the Reports of National Banking Associations. Buiiking as- Ba it enacted by the Senate and House ry" Representatives of the United

 States of America in Congress assembled, That in lieu of all reports reum., evo rgpoytg quired by section thirty-four of the national currency act, every associa-

¤M=l¤y¤¤¤‘¤¤ tion shall make to the comptroller of the currency not less than tive

 °f reports during each and every year, according to the form which may be

3iisc·1,c1i. 106, prescribed by him, verified by the oath or atilrmation of the president or · .. cashier of such association, and attested b the si nature of at least three l]liiQ,;g;i{Sli{0l39` of the directors; which report shall exhibit, in deliail and under approprivcrihqd und tv ate heads, the resources and liabilities of the association at the close of °‘::l{;; gllxlléo business on any past day to be by him specified, and shall transmit such comptroller report to the comptroller within five days after the receipt of a request

  • f£:_*:]e£;° t<l:,l’¤ or requisition therefor from him; and the report of each association above

mq,,,,,, mgrcm., required, in the same form in which it is made to the comptroller, shall U h d be publishelrl ip adnewsptapgr pulblished in the placehwhvire such associa-

  • <>l>¤I>¤l> S ¤ tion is esta is ic , or i t cre e no news a erin the ace, then in the

l" “ "°wsp°P°r' one published nearest thereto in t.he samepcdlunty, at th)e expense of the ROE3g?;` <>¥` P¤l>· assoeiatiorlf; apd such praof ofipugliplation shaltlbe fprplisllied as may be ‘ require the com tro cr. n the com tro cr sia ave ower to S£°°l**l ¤`°· call for spdcial reporlls from any particularpassociation whenevgr in his pwjudgment the same shall be necessary in order to a full and complete knowledge of its condition. Any association failing to make and transm_¥¤¤¤¤;¢y T0; mit any such report shall be subject to a penalty of one hundred dollars M;d"Q§m‘;“':}',Q ° for each day after five days that such bank shall delay to make and trans~ reports; mit any report as aforesaid; and in case any association shall delay or refhse to pay the penalty herein imposed when the same shall be assessed by the comptroller of the currency, the amount of such penalty may be copgggipiiy be retained by the Treasurer of the United·States, upon the order of the · comptroller of the currency, out of the interest, as it may become due to the association, on the bonds deposited with him to secure circulation; th;°t;¢:ul33;•§ im and all sums of money collected. for penalties under this section shall be ' paid mto the treasury of the United States.