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14 FORTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 28, 29, 30. 1867. July 19, 1867. CHAP. XXVIII.—An Act for the Reliqglpg certain Soldiers and Sailors therein desig- ———————- n . Be it enacted by the Smale and Hzuse of Representatices of the United _Cermin sql- Smtes of America in Congress assembled, That no soldier or sailor shall g;‘;’::Qg:ggl;’l;'h be taken or held to be a. deserter from the army or navy who faithfully dgggrtgrg mm served according to his enlistment until the nineteenth day of April,

  • 11** Mm? °¤‘l¤¤·· eighteen hundred and sixty-five, and who, without proper authority or

§Qi$i°§Z;;sgi;_ leave first obtoined, did quit his command or refuse to serve after said Forfeitures of date; but nothing herein contained shall operate as tx remission of any P*Q’€e§’°· "°’ '°‘ forfeiture incurred by any such soldier or sailor of his pay, bounty, penmision, or other allowances, but this act shall be construed solely as a removal of any disability such soldier or sailor may have incurred by the loss of his citizenship in consequence of his desertion. Approved, July 19, 1867. July 19, 1867. CHAP. XXIX. - An Act to establish certain Pont-Roads. Be it enacted by the &nate and Muse of Representatives of the United Post maps os- States of America in Congress assembled, That the following be estab- °“bl'sh°d "‘ li=h d as ost routes · Maine. ~ c P • MAINE. From Kennebunk, via Kennebunkport, to Cape Neddick. From Biddeford to Saco Pool. APPROVED, July 19, 1867. July 19, 1g6g_ CHAP. XXX. -An Act supplementary to an Act entitled "An Act to provide the

 more of iczent Govemment ¢y" ihe Rebel States," passed on the second day of lllam , eighvol   ‘ dg teen hundred and sixty-seven, and the Act supplementary thereto, passed on the twenty-third

Amo, day qf.March, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven. z . . . . P°° ’ Pi? 29’ 80 Be zt enacted by the Senate and Muse <y" Representatzves of the United hlélémgg Film States of America in Congress assembled, That it is hereby declared to gf $67, dg_ have been the true intent and meaning of the act of the second day of clured. March, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven, entitled "An act to in Eg:;’;*;":§£S provide for the more eiiicient government of the rebel States," and of the mm declued act supplementary thereto, passed on the twenty-third day of March, in ¤¤H¤b¤ l¤gur the year one 'thousend eight hundred and_sixty-seven, that the governments then existing in the rebel States of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolma, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Texas, and Arkansas were not legal State governments ; and that thereafter said governments, if continued, were to be continued subject in all respects to thehmilitaryé ppmmanders of the respective districts, and to the paramount aut onty 0 ongress. _Cqmmemdei-of _Sx·:0. 2. And be it further enacted, That the commander of any disg;if5'%;‘:é”g§§§' m0!? ¤9·¤¤0d ill said Mt shall have power, subject to the disapproval of am, OM] 0, the General of the army of the United States, and to have effect till dismilitary gndicend approved, whenever in the opinion of such commander the proper admin-

p·p°i‘;t’t2 xstratnon of said act shall require it, to suspend or remove from office, or

{hg Vacancy, from the performance of official duties and the exercise of official powers, apy officer- or personholding or exercising, or professing to hold or exerc1se,·any ClVll.Ol' mihtary office or duty in such district under any power, election, appointment or authority derived from, or granted by, or claimed under, enyso-called State or the government thereof, or any municipal or other drvisnon thereof, and upon such suspension or removal such commander, subject to the disapproval of the General as aforesaid, shall have power to provide from t1me to time for the performance of the said duties of such officer or person so suspended or removed, by the detail of some competent officer or soldier of the army, or by the appointment of some other person, perform the same, and to fill vacancies occasioned by death, remgnation, or otherwise.