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456 FORTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 155, 156, 157. 1869. _M¤rch 8, 1869. CHAP. GLV. -- An Aujn zh; Rdig‘¢y'Mm·y A. Filler. Preamble. WHEREAS Sergeant Henry Drenning, late of company K, fifty-fifth regiment of Pennsylvania volunteers, was killed at Cqld Harbor, in Virginia, on the third day of June, A. D. eighteen hundred and sixty-four, leaving no widow, [and] no heirs lineal or collateral; and whereas the Henry Dreuning was the adopted and Foster-son from childhood of Mrs. Mary A. Filler: Therefore, Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Mary A-Filler Stale; of America in Oongress as.qe_mbled, That Mary A. Filler, foster. {)“a‘;{’;*§;‘§‘:w mother of said Henry Drcnning, shall be entitled to receive the back Henry Dveuning. pay due to the said Henry Drcnning at the time of his death, and the bounty to which he would have been entitled by law. APPROVED, March 3, 1869. March 1869. CHAP. CLVI. —An Act jbrlhe Rdf4f1y' the Illinois Iron and Bolt Company. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Pvt <>£5¤¤z- States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Treas- {K$,!§;§°m°;Q§' ury be, and he is hereby, authorized to examine u judgment by confession, Illinois Iron and rendered on the second day of October, eighteen hundred and sixty-five, Bm c°‘”l’““Y‘ in the circuit court of the northern district of Illinois, against the Illinois Iron and Bolt Company for five thousand and five hundred dollars, penalties for certain alleged violations of the internal rcvcuuc laws, and to refund to the said Illinois Iron and Bolt Company so much of the umoum; paid into the treasury of the United States, not exceeding twenty-seven hundred and fifty dollars, as upon investigation he may think it right and proper under the circumstances of the case to remit. Armovmn, March 3, 1869. M¤r¤h 8.1869- CHAP. CLVII. -·An Act for zhe ReZiqfq‘ Hemjy Bawicklow. Preumble- WHEREAS, on the twenty-eighth clay oil March, eighteen hundred and flflyminc, by the sinking of the steamboat “Nat. Holmes," in the Ohio river, near the city of Aurora, Indiana, Henry Barrlcklow lost the following described twenty-three land warrants, to wit: Numbers filly-three thousand nine hundred and eleven, eighty thousand two hundred and elglntydivc, eighty thousand three hundred and nine, and eighty tlnouumd 1847, eh. 8, 50. three hundred and forty-ono, issued under the act of February eleventh, V°l·l*·P· H5- eighteen hundred and forty-seven; number seven hundred and ninety, 1852, ch.19,§1. issued under act of March twenty-second, eighteen hundred and fifty- V°l· *· P· B- two; and numbers thirty-om thousand and seventy-ciglxt, thirty-bur thousand two hundred and sixty-six, l`orLy—four thousand and thirty- seven, forty-nlnc thousand nine hundred and eighty-six, fifty-five thou- Band one hundred and thirty-two, fifty-seven thou and three hundred and thirteen, sixty thousand one hundred and one, sixty thousand {bur hundred and eleven, sixty-two thousand four hundred and eighty-eight, sixty-six thousand four hundred and eighty·0nc, seventy-one thousand three hundred and i·lfty-seven, eighty thousand and forty-three, eighty-one thousand six hundred and eighty-three, eighty-one thousand eight hundred and thirty, eighty-two thousand four hundred and twenty-one, clghty-two thousand seven hundred and ninety-six, eighty-two thousand nine hundred and eighteen, and elghty-four thousand lbur hundred and {,8li¤»¤l¤-$7% eighty-nine, [issued under] acc of March third, eighteen hundred and °‘ L p'ilfty-five ; each for one hundred and sixty acres: and whereas duplicates of said warrants have been issued by the commissioner of pensions and delivered to said Barricklcw : Th€l‘Gl`0PC, Henry B,,,_ Be it enactedfy {hc Senate and House of Representatives of the United mlglgwvsggnym Slalcs of Amc{·zca m Congress assembled, 'Dllat sakl Henry Barricklow is mm dhpuémo hereby uuthorxzcd to locate, or sell and assngn, sand. duplncate land war land warrants.