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518 TREATY WITH THE OTTAWAS, PEORIAS, &C. FEB. 23, 1861. have come of age among the allottees under the treaties of one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two,·s0 that they may seg their lands without restriction, but the said lands shall remain exempt rom taxation so long as they may be retained by members of the tribe, down to the said sixteenth July, one thousand eight hundred and sixty·mne ; and the chiefs and council of the said tribe shall decide in the ease of disputed heirship to real estate, taking as ia. rule the laws of inheritance of the State of Kansas. Rgymentto Amxcnm XVIII. The United States agree te pay such amount', not {2;*;**4*l* l`°>` exceeding ten thousand dollars, as may be found justly due to the nudi- ` viduul Ottewas, for depredatxons and damages upon their property during the late war, the proof of such losses to be furnished to the Secretary of the Interior and such amount shall be paid as may be adjudved by him Amended. to be equitably due; and the claim of J. T. Jones, for which; bill of ap- P""#P· m' propriation has passed one of the branches of Congress, but which has been withdrawn from before Congress, being for destruction by fire of his dwelling and other property by whites in one tlmnsnml eight hundred and fifty-six, shall be allowed and paid to him, amounting to six thousand seven hundred dollars. Educatioumnd Anrrcgnm XIX. The sixth article of the treaty of one thousand eivht ’°l‘°°"‘· hundred and sixty-two shall remain unchanged, except as provided in this article. The children of the tribe between the ewes of six and eirrhteen V<>rxii·p·1288- (6 and 18) shall be entitled to be received at said iiistitution, and to ble sub sisted, clothed, educated, and attended in sickness, where the sickness is of such a nature that the patient promises a return to study within a reasonable period ; the children to be taught and practised in industrial pursuits, suitable to their ug? mud seg, and beth sexes in iu5h braxtelnie of leerning, an to recewe suc van ves as ie means 0 ie ms 1 u mn wi permit; these rights and privileges to continue so long as any children of the tribe shall present themselves for their exercise. And the Seeremry of the Interior and the senior corresponding secretary of the American Baptist Home Mission Society shall be members ex officio of the board of trttsteesknrith {newer to yete in fpereoin gxatby nroxy, it- being} the spccm m en ion o us provision o urms n 1 xonu supervision o t ie institution, so that the provisions of this article may be carried into effect in their full spirit and intent. Sm oflands Au·rtcL1·: XX. It is further agreed that the remaining unsold portion

3;}**** ““l‘ of trust lands of the Otcawas, amounting to seven thousand two hundred

' and twenty-One and twenty one-hundredths acres, shall be sold to the trustees of Ottawa University, to be disposed of for the benefit of said institution nt the upprnised vulne thereof; and that the said trustees shall have until July sixteenth, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-nine, to dispose of the same and pay to the government the value of said lands: Provided, That the send trustees shall furnish, within thirty days after the rntincation of this treaty, to the Seeretnry of the Interior, a satisfactory bond for the fulfilment of their obligations. Peoriu¤,&c. PROVISIONS BELATIN(iN'I£)OP’§`1i;IIt§h%JEORIAS, KASKASKIAS, WEAS, ’ `SIIAWS. I 1’{¤;_·¤l¤¤¤;>;> of Amrcnn XXI. Wlierens certain arrangements have been made by the l‘$:;m;`:"é{cl‘}O chiefs of the confeclerated tribes of Peorias, Kaskeskias, Weas, and Pi:1n· receive pmum. lccslinvgs, forltlneasegledto rnéstnlnllfnetzlerg of the lands heldbby therndin enmmon umn n 0 a sec IODS, or a reasons: e conn eration accolwiing to the terms of u certain petition of the said tribe, with sched; ule annexed, (which schedule is annexed to this treaty and marked “B,") dated- December twenty-sixth, ene thousand eight hundred and sixty-six, bled in the nilice of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, it is agreed that the sand arrangementn shall be carried into full effect, and the purclnasers tlmruundw slmll receive patents from the United States for the lands so purulmsvd, upon making full payment lbr the same to the Secretary of