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POSTAL CONVENTION WITH BELGIUM. AUGUST 21, 1867. 567 2. jblo packet may exceed two foot in length, or one foot in any other dimension. 3. Neither offico shall be bound to deliver any article the importation of which may be prohibited by the laws or regulations of tho country of destination. 4. So long as any customs duty is chargeable on "any article sont to the United Suites it may be levied for the use of the customs. 5. Except as above, no charge whatever shall be collected on the mails exchanged, otherwise than herein expressly provided. ARTICLE XIII. The Post Departments of the United States and of Exchange gf Belgium shall establish by agreement, and in conformity with the ar- ¢<>¤¤S1>¤¤<1¢¤¤¤ mngomonts in force at the time, the conditions upon which the two by °p°“ ‘“°‘lL“‘ otiices may exchange in open mails tho correspondence originating in or destined to other foreign countries to which they may respectively servo as intermediaries. It is, however, always understood that such correspondence shall only bo charged with the rata applicable to direct international correspondence, augmented by the postage due to foreign countries and any other tax for exterior service. Anmcnis XIV. Each office accords to tho other the privilege of Transit or transit of the closed mails exchanged in either direction between the closed mails latter and any country to which the former may serve as intermediary, 2;;°‘;gl‘°l°h°' by its usual means of mail transportation, whether on son or land. u ry` For such transit on its part, the United States office shall receive as fbllows: 1. For transit across its territory: for letters Ig cents por single letter rate ; for other articles 12 cents por kilogramme, net weight. 2. For transit across the waters of the Atlantic Ocean: for letters 8 cents por single letter rate; for other articles 12 cents per kilogrammo, net weight. 3. For transit across the waters of the Pacific Ocean: for letters 10 cents per single letter rate; for other articles 20 cents por kilogrammo, net wélght. For such transit on its part the offico of Belgium shall receive as follows: For transit across its territory and the English Channel: 1. for letters 5 contimcs por single letter imo; 2. for other articles 40 contimos por kilogrammc, net weight. ARTICLE XV. The postal accounts between the two offices shall be pom] M- stated quarterly, transmitted and verified as speedily as practicable; and ¤<>¤¤¤S» when *0 the balance found duo shall be paid to tho creditor office oither by ex- b° ml°d‘&°‘ change on London, or at the debtor officc, as the coreditor officc may desire. The rule for the conversion of the money of the two countries shall be established by common agreement between the two officcs. Al{TICLE XVI. Wlien in any United States or Belgian port 2. closed Transfer of mail is transferred from one vessel to another without any expense to the closed mails office of the country where the transfer is made, such transfer shall not be Wl*h°¤*¤XP¤¤$°· subject to any postal charge by one olilce against the other. Amicus XVII. Official communications addressed fiom one officc Qmciytlcony. to the other shall not be the occasion of accounts between the two officcs. m¤¤i¤¤¤l<>¤$· A1>.T1cL1·: XVIII. The two officos shall by mutual consent make do- pemiled regutailcd regulations for carrying these articles into execution; and modify l“**°“*’· such regulations in like manner from time to time as tho cxigoncios of tho service may require. Ammonia XIX. Letters wrongly sent, wrongly addressed, or not do- Missent letters liverablo For any cause, shall be returned to tho dcspatching ofhco at its &°‘ expense for the return if any shall be incurred. R<·gi»sror<>d articles in the second paragraph of the first article mentioned shall also be returned: othor articles shall be left to the disposition of the receiving officc. Any postagcs not collected upon the correspondence returned, but which shall