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CONVENTION WITH THE KINGDOM OF ITALY. Nov. 8, 1867. 601 Articles agreed upon between the Post Department of the United States qf America represented by him A. Kass0n, Esquire, Special Commissioner, and the Postal Adminislration of the Idngdom of Baly, represemtei by Cavaliers Avvocato George Battista Tantesio, Director, qc., §·c., both invested with the neccssaqg Powers for the Mbdification of the Convention execqted between the two Countries under date of the eighth July, 1863, and as provided in the XXIV?}: Article of said Convention. ARTICLE I. There shall be a regular exchange of correspondence, in Nov. 8 18W_ closed mails, between the post department of the United States of Amer- ica and the postal administration of the kingdom of Italy, as well for cor- once to bg exrespondence originating in either of said countries and destined for the °h°¤S°di other, as for that originating in or destined for foreign countries to which the United States and Italy may respectively serve as intermediaries. This correspondence shall embrace the following articles: gp embm, 1. Letters, ordinary and registered. Wim- 2. N ewspgpers, prints of all kinds, books, maps, plans, engravings, drawings, photographs, lithographs, sheets of music printed or .written, and patterns or samples of merchandise, including grains and seeds. Amucnz II. The offices for. the exchange of the mails shall be, on the Onions for expart of the United States, New York. °h‘“‘K° °f m“H*· On the part of Italy, -—— 1. Susa — travelling office. 2. Camerlata. -- travelling office. 3. Arona -— travelling office. The two administrations may, by common accord, establish additional offices of exchange whenever it shall be found necessary; or suspend an existing office of exchange. Axvucnn III. Each administration shall make its own arrangements Arrgnggmqutj for the despatch of its mails to the other, and shall transport them at its for S°¤£¤¤>b °‘ own expense to the frontier of the country of destination. m° 8’ °' It is also agreed that the cost of the territorial and maritime transit of Cost of trannthe mails despatched by one administration to the other shall be Erst de- P°"‘““°“· frayed by that one of the two administrations which shall have obtained from the intermediaries the most favorable pecuniary terms for such transit; and any amount so advanced by one for the other shall be promptly reimbursed. Amrcnm IV. The standard weight for the single rate of postage and Weight for the rule of progression shall be : -— °‘“£’g:°*£:f For letters, fifteen grams. P0 ’ ` For all other correspondence mentioned in the second paragraph of the first article, it. shall be that which the despatching administration shall adopt for the mails which it despabches to the other, adapted to the convenience of its interior service. Each administration, however, shall notify the other of the standard weight it shall adopt, and of any subsequent change thereofl The rule of progression shall always be an additional single rate for each additional standard weight or fraction thereoh The weight stated by the decpatching office shall always be accepted, except in case of manifest mistake. ARTICLE V. The single rate of postage for the direct correspondence mm or post is established as follows : ¤Z¤· For letters from the United States, fifteen cents. For letters from Italy, eighty centesimi. For all other correspondence mentioned in the second paragraph of