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TREATY WITH THE NAVAJO INDIANS. JUNE 1, 1868. 667 Treaty between the United States of America and the Navajo Tribe of Indians; Ooncluded June 1, 1868; Ratfjication advised Juty 25, 1868; Proclaimed August 12, 1868. ANDREW JOHNSON, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ro Am. ann srnontsn T0 wnon russia rnsssxrs susm. cone, onmrrmo : Wnnnnss a treaty was made and concluded at Fort Sumner, in the preamble, Territory of New Mexico, on the first day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight, hy and between Lieutenant-General W. T. Sherman and Samuel F. Tappan, commissioners, on the part of the United States,. and Barboncito, Armijo, and other chiefs and headmen of the Navajo tribe of Indians, on the part of said Indians, and duly authorized thereto by them, which treaty is in the words and figures following, to wit: —- Articles of a treaty and agreement made and entered into at Fort Sum- C9¤¤‘¤¢ti¤3 ner, New Mexico, on the first day of June, one thousand eight hundred P""°'°°' and sixty-eight, by and between the United States, represented by its commissioners, Lieutenant—General W. T. Sherman and Colonel Samuel F. Tappan, of the one part, and the Navajo nation or tribe of Indians, represented by their chiefs and headmen,duly authorized and empowered to act for the whole people of said nation or tribe, (the names of said chiefs and headmen being hereto subscribed,) of the other part, witness :—- Anrrcnm I. From this day forward all war between the parties to _Peace_¤md this agreement shall forever cease. The government of the United States f"'°"d$l"P• desires peace, and its honor is hereby pledged to keep it. The Indians desire peace, and they now pledge their honor to keep it. If bad men among the whites, or among other people subject to the O*`*¤3°’° authority of the United States, shall commit any wrong upon the person RRG ,,,._ or property of the Indians, the United States will, upon proof made to rested and punthe agent and forwarded to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs at Waslr "hcdi ington city, proceed at once to cause the offender to be arrested and punished according to the laws of the United States, and also to reimburse the injured persons for the loss sustained. If bad men among the Indians shall commit a wrong or depredation _¤m<>¤zfh¤ {¤- upon the person or property of any one, white, black, or Indian, subject 3:*;;; is 3:, gu" to the authority of the United States and at peace therewith, the Navajo United States, tribe agree that they will, on proof made to their agent, and on notice by °*`» &°· him, deliver up the wrongdoer to the United States, to be tried and punished according to its laws; and in case they wilfully refuse so to do, the person injured shall be reimbursed for his loss from the annuities or other moneys due or to become due to them under this treaty, or any others that may be made with the United States. And the President $**]*9 {0:1**- may prescribe such rules and regulations for ascertaining damges under Qgefumng am` this article as —in his judgment may be proper; but no such damage shall be adjusted and paid until examined and passed upon by the Commissioner