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7 16 INDEX. A culs, (continued.) Approprzntions, (continued.) _ _ pp law authorizing certain, from judgments for the resi? of";he dcstitgte m the Westof circuit eourns ro Supreme Cours, ern an out western rates . 28 repealed ,A. _ 4 4 for the purchase and dismbution of seeds Supreme Courr. not to exercise jurisdic- f in the _S0u¤hcrn Smtfes . .1i . . t . . . . . 28 tion therein ... . 44 or cermm expenses 0 co ectmrr irecb from court of claims not to be prose- tax in Delaware . :  : .. 37 cured, where there is suit pending in for the relief of the destitute m the Disanother court for same cause, unless met of Columbia...:, .. 41 prior suit is withdrawn .. 77 for the sunporcof the, military academy 42, 268 the United States may prosecute to cir- for the mal of the impeachment of Ancuit courts without giving security for drew .lohnson_ ... _ ... 60 cosrs .. 226 for defiuencies in the execution of the re- A poinzmenas construction laws .. . ._ ., 63 M to executive departments, bureaus, &c. to sustain the Indian commission, and none to be made, except to fill 0. va- curry out treaties mode thereby .. 30 cnncy happening during ar. recess of the for bridge over Dakota river ... 89 Sennre 168 to pay claims against the deparmieut of no new, in curtain departments of the agriculture. _ ..90, 91 army, until otherwise directed by law. 318 for tgcRim‘;>1f>vern1enr 0; the Desmoines Apportionrmmt an oc s an mpi s. . l2-1 of rmcrvaitions of Sissiton, &c. Sioux In- forlpnyment of invalid and other pendians to each head of family, in tracts sions..: . . . . . . _ ... 170 of 160 a<-res each, eonfornmbly :0 legal to curry mto effect the treaty with Russnbrlivisicns ... 506 sia 198 Appraisers' Sierra, for the service of the Columbia Instituappropriation for construction of nl: Phila- tion for xhe Deaf und·l)umb . 232 rlclphia ..., 313 for the gorcrnniemliospiml for the insane Appropriations in the District of Columbia . . 233 for rho arniy, civil expenses, consnlrxr zunl for the Nutional Soldiers' and Sailors' drplomauc expenses, dehcrcneios, fom- Orpheus Home 233 fimmions, Indian depnrcment, legisla— for certmn expenses of rho government. . 234 tivo, &¤·. navy, pensions, ann Post- to pay for indexing 1he mx bill. .. 237 Olililb 1?eparnncn¤, see those 1 ztles. to carry mto effect the act extending the for cominissnonurs to the lnzlrnn country. 1 customs laws of the United States tor expenses under the supplements no over Alnslgu . : I. ..240, 242 the acts for tho more eilieient govern- for commission on meters for distilled ment of the robe) States. . 4, 29, 30 spirits. 247 for deficiencies in, for coiiririgenzoxponscs of proceeds of certain soles to defend eerol' the Senate, lor your ending Juno 30, min suits. . 251 1867, &<· ... 7 for brcakwnter zu: Portland, Me. 252 for priming laws, &c. in the ten rebellious transfers ot, between d¤l·l`erent branches of States. .,. . ... . 8 any deparunenc prohibited ... 36 for expenses of House of Representatives 8 certain unexnemlcd, for Navy Departfor S3 arieslof£·ornrn1ssioner of education 8 merit, cxisting {als; l, 1868, to be ear- 72 un his cer 1. . ric to surp as un s . ... br repairs 0i' Long Bridge . . . . . 8 statement of, to be mode by Secretary of for expenses of Imlixm delegmi0n,visicing f '1`reasury in his next annuulnestimutes. 72 Washington ... 8 or salaries, &c. of the patent office .. 269 for arlmliiioual wazclnnen, &c. in the Capi- for the poor in the District of Columbia. 269 tol, &c . .11 12 for construction ofussay office in Idaho. . 271 for uniforms to Capitol police and watch- D for Yunclon tribe of Sioux Indians. . 275 men .. 12 transfer ol`, for paper for public printing, for bolus arms &e, for Capitol polivc 12 to that for public bindirw and litholor the support in part of the National graphing and engraving..? .. 343 élotdierrf l\ll\irS3ii;)l`S"Ol'})ilklll Home in for regmrring und publishing rho debates ( u District 0 ru um rin. . I3 in onrrress 347 forbgraeling, &<·. public grounds, removing for collceiiing stntisticscof mines mid nBnuildings, &e . .. 13 ine to be mms crre to `rcasury e- urrdor iictlo establish peace with certain A ed pziitment · 349 iostr o m ian tri os . 17 qu ucl, umlcract to carry into effect the claims across the Potomac river, from Georgeof convemion with Venezuela 18 town ro the Virginia shore, declared a for expenses of commissioner, &<—. of the lawful srracrure 231 Linntcvl States ut. tho Universal Exhibi- may he maintained and opvraied, and non nt Paris ., 19, 20 bridge erected over it ... . 231 under resolution giving the thanks of Con- Aqueduct, Wirshington, gross, and a gold modal to George Pen- appropriations for repairs and superin- 0m y. , 20 temlence of .. . . . ... 309 for rho relief of fieedmen, or destitute col- Arapahoe, §~c. Indians, cred people in she District of Colum- treaty wich, of October 28, 1867 593 bin ... 20 Sec ('h¤_ymmes §·c. and Northern Chcymnes, rh:. for payment of snlnrics and mileage of Ampahoes, I members of Congress 24 appropriations for the . 200