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FORTY—FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 295, 296. 1870. 335 Sec. 19. And be itfurtfzer enacted, That all acts or parts of acts incou- R°P°°H”K sistent with this act are hereby repealed. °l”’°°°‘ Approved, July 15, 1870. CHAP. CCXCVI. -jAn Act making Appropriatzbns for the current and contingent July 16, 1870. Exfenses of the Imlzan Deparhnenz and jibr fu/jilling Preaty Slzpulalzbns with varrbus _————i—° In mn Tnbesjbr the Year emling June t/urty, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, and for other Purposes. . Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and APP'°F*’l***i°¤° they are hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the treasury not other- °i§§?:;°j;f ’ wise appropriated, for the purpose of paying the current and contingent pmment and expenses of the Indian department and fulfilling treaty stipulations with lF°“*Y “lP“l“‘ the various Indian tribes. mms' For pay of clerk to superintendent for California, one thousand eight Clerkshundred dollars. For temporary clerks to superintendents, six thousand six hundred dollars. For pay of sixty-four interpreters, as follows: Twenty-one For the I¤i¤¥'P¤<·>*°¤· tribes in Oregon and the Territories of YVashington, Utah, and New Mexico, at five hundred dollars each ; thirty-six for the tribes elsewhere, at four hundred dollars each ; three For the Indian service in Utah, at five hundred dollars each; one for the Shoshones and one for the Utahs, af one thousand dollars each; one for the Sisseton and Wahpeton bands of Sioux, four hundred dollars; and one for the Sacs and Foxes of the Mississippi, now in Tama county, Iowa, four hundred dollars; in all, twenty-nine thousand two hundred dollars. For buildings at agencies, and repairs of same, ten thousand dollars. _ Az¤¤<>5’ i>¤Ud· For vaccine matter and vaccination of Indians, two thousand five hun- m"$;mcimm0u_ dred dollars. For presents to and provisions for Indians, ten thousand dollars. Presents and For actual necessary expenses incurred, and that may hereafter be in· ¥"§;$gg£;¤d M_ curred, by officers of the Indian department in the rescue of prisoners furnlyf prisoners from Indian tribes and returning them to their homes, and for expenses ff¤m_I¤di¤€¤· f incident to the arrest and continement within the territory of the United peéglestlgggégd States, by order of such officers, of persons charged with crimes against with crimes the Indians, five thousand dollars. “g“i““ l“d‘““’· For contingencies, including travelling, incidental, current, and contin- C<>¤¤i¤z<¤¤f¤¤· gent expenses of superintendents and agents, and of their olhces, thirty- p°°S°°' eight thousand five hundred dollars. For improvement of°farms on which Apaches, Kiowas, and Comanches _Ap¤¤h6S, are located in the Indian country, and for the support of schools among gfntgzahgrgf them, and other bcneticent purposes, to be expended under the direction scams, éw, ’ of the Secretary of the Interior, twenty thousand dollars. For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary for the sub- S¤b¤i¤f¢¤¤¤ df sistence of the Arapahoe, Cheyenne, Apache, Kiowa, and Comanche In- gl§€$;;s2;°°S’ dians, who have been collected and located upon the reservations set apart Apaches, for their use aud occupation by the treaties made with them in eighteen g;<;mSé:e;<{l on hundred and sixty-seven, two hundred and twenty thousand dollars. ,,,m,,,m0,,S_p For this sum, as provided to be expended under the tenth article of the v01_ xv, pp, 584, treaty of October twentyione, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, and under 690- the third article of the treaty of same date with the Apaches, thirty thousand dollars. For purchase of clothing, as provide[d] in the same treaties, twenty-six thousand dollars. F or pay of carpenter, farmer, blacksmith, miller, and engineer, Eve thousand two hundred dollars. For pay of physician and teacher, two thousand five hundred dollars. For secodd payment, as provided in the same treaties, to be expended