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450 FORTY—FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 100. 1871.

 may be necessary to make lrnown in a proper manner to local oinspectorg

mmm_ the names of all persons licensed under the provisions of this act, the names of all persons from whom licenses have been withheld, and the names of all whose licenses have been suspended or revoked; and also [the] names of all steam-vessels neglecting or refusing to make such repairs as may be ordered under the provisions of this act, and the names of all Supervising that have been refused certificates of inspection. dud each supervising mpww,-to re. inspector shall report, in writing, at the annual meetings of the board, the §;E¤§bt*:rl;¤°¤¤ general business transacted in his district during the year, embracing all mxalgupng violations of the steamboat laws, and the action taken in relation to the same, all investigations and decisions by local inspectors, and all cases of appeal, and the result thereof; and the board shall examine into all the Am and mm. acts of each supervising inspector and local board, and all complaints vlninw whe ¤¤- made against the same, in relation to the performance of their duties “"““°d‘ under the law, and the judgment of the board in each case shall be entered uplpn their journal; and the board shall, as fares possible, correct. mista es where the exist. Btgflpgezeipgcls Szc. 29. Andlde itfuriher enacted, That it shall be the duty 0l`_the in paging (mh board of supervising inspectors to establish such rules and regulations other com made to be observed by all eteamwessels m passing each other as they shall byéfmcd co M from time to time deem necessary for sa.f[e]ty, two printed copies of which wb, ;u,,,m,§d rules and regulations, signed by` said inspectors, shall be furnished to each each vessel- of such vessels, and shall at all times be kept up in conspicuous places in _Penz.lty for such vessels, which rules shall be observed both night and day. Should

m?:g:¤8 ***8* any pilot, engineer, mate, or master of any steam-vessel neglect or will-

' fully refuse to observe such regulations so established, any delinquent so neglecting or refusing shall be liable of [to] a penalty of fifty dollars, and to edi damages dpne to any passenger, in his person or baggage, by such neg act or re use . Provisions of Sec. 30. And ba it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the 3.:;:3 SEISEQS collectors, or other chief officers of the customs, and of the inspectors _11m,,,,,,,,,,, by eforesaiel within the smdlseveral districts, to enforce the provisions of law

at¤m¤)pg§;xrs against all steamerslarrlving and departing; and upon proof thpt any

Pemlw for collector, or other clnef officer of the customs, or inspector, has neglxgently delinquency. or intentionally ommitted his duty in this particular, such delinquent shall be liable to removal from office, and to 2. penalty of one hundred dollars for enc; o‘ii'ence:1to_be sued for in an action of debt before any court of compe n Juris lotion. tm(glriglp:ip:r— §no. 31. And be it further enacted, That every collector or other Ipmon m be chief officer of the customslslmll retain on file all original certificates of the www}; 3;, nip; inspectors required by this not to be delivered to him,and shall give_t0 mfg g:°n°€g°~" 3;;gp)ps;e;·00;fovv:pe1Lo;thebvessel diecein named three certified copies master myd! l 9 lc S 8- 5 P HCC SHC KISS CY or OWHCT In con' where pmoed. spicuous places in the vessel where tbley will be most likely to be obscergcd ny passlengerpl and others, and there kept nt all times, framed uner glues; the other shell be retained b such master or owner as hP¤i¤¤lt>· fqr M evidence of the authority thereby eonrmerhyend if any passenger shall °§§{,§§§‘,Q§§” “° be received on board any Steamer me having the certified copies of the kept; certificate of approval as required by this act, placed and kept as aforesmd, or if any passenger steamer shall receive or carry any gunpowder . on board, not having n certificate authorizing the same, and a. certified ‘ufg;°°:§:{_‘§{§m_ °°PY *l¤=¤`¢0l` pleced and kept as aforesaid, or shell nerry any gunpowder out mummy; at P1 place or m n. manner not authorized by such certiflcafé, Buch steapneé shall bp) held liable for n penalty of one hundred dollars for enc 1 offence, to o recovered in an court of com etent 'urisdiction. f°:l"‘;{‘f}l?:;’:f§l*f' SEC- 32 And be it further enaoled, That everypinspergtor who shall willg;·y;,,g;,_m1y_ fully certify falsely touching any vessel propelled in whole or in part by stesim, as to her hull, accommodations, boilers, engines, machinery, or their appurtenances, or any of her equipments, or any matter or thing