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FORTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ras. 57, 58, 59. 1871. 705 and seventy cents, or so much as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. APPROVED, March 3, 1871. » [No. 58.] A. Resolution to compensate John L. Mika, late second Lieutenant of the second MRT6h 8, 1971· Indiana Battery, for 0116 Horse lost in the Service. W Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States qfnlmertea in Congress assembled, That, out of any money in the treasury J 11;°YIt’¤%*° not otherwise appropriated, there be paid to John L. Miles, late second ° D°°' lieutenant second Indiana. battery, one hundred and fifty dollars, for one horse lost May, eighteen hundred and- sixty-four, at Fort Smith, Arkansas, by reason of an inadequate supply of forage while said Miles was acting under orders separate from said battery and from a change of position thereofl A1>1>1z0VED, March 3, 1871. [No. 59.] A Resolution referring to the Court zy" Claims Claims against the United States Much 8, PIU71- far the Loss of the Schooner “William Carlton." Resolved by the Senate and [Ruse of Representatives of the United States _ of America in Congress assembled, That the claims of William Carlton, thG%i*!;°3S'“¤** Sewall H. Fessenden, Jacob J. Nichols, Henry G. Packard, John Q. Sfm,,?}0°;. 1,,,, of Miller, William E. Boyden, Charles H. Burgess, The Boston and Sand- the schooner wich Glass Company, and others, owners, against the United States, t0X{§“,fgQ°c!_:fl' for the loss of the schooner “William Carlton," her cargo, freight, and rm-cd to the personal effects on board, by collision with the United States ram court <>i’¢l¤i¤¤¤· " Stonewall," in the Potomac river, on or about November twenty-three, eighteen hundred and sixty-five, be referred to the court of claims, to hear and determine the same. Approved, March 3, 1871. VOL. xvr. Tamar.-45