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720 TREATY WITH THE CHIPPEWA INDIANS. Maxon 19, 1867. Lake Winnebagoshish; thence due west to a point two miles west of the most westerly point of Cass Lake; thence south to Kabekona river; thence down said river to Leech Lake ; thence along the north shore of Leech Lake to its outlet in Leech Lake river ;_ thence down the main channel of said river to its junction with the Mississippi river, and thence down the Mississippi to the place of beginning. Fiirtherrom- And there is further reserved for the said Chippewas out of the land "·"l°“‘ now owned by them such portion of their western outlet as may upon location and survey be found to be within the reservation provided for in the next succeeding section. Laps for Amicus II. In order to provide a suitable farming region for the said f°mmg' bands there is hereby set apart for their USG 3. tract of land, to be located in a square form as nearly as possible, with lines corresponding to the government surveys; which reservation shall include White Earth Lake and Rice Lake, and contain thirty-six townships of land: and such portions of the tract herein provided for as shall be found upon actual survey to lie outside of the reservation set apart for the Chippewas of the Mississippiiby the second article of the treaty of March 20th, 1865, shall be received by them in part consideration for the cession of lands made by this agreement. Payments for Anrronm III. In further consideration for the lands herein ceded, 1****** °°d°d- estimated to contain about two millions of acres, the United States agree to pay the following sums, to wit: Five thousand dollars for the erection Schools. of school buildings upon the reservation provided for in the second article; four thousand dollars each year for ten years, and as long as the President may deem necessary after the ratification of this treaty, for the support of a school or schools upon said reservation; ten thousand dollars Mills. for the erection of a saw-mill, with grist-mill attached, on said reservation; five thousand dollars to be expended in assisting in the erection H¤¤¤¤¤- of houses for such of the Indians as shall remove to said reservation. Five thousand dollars to be expended, with the advice of the chiefs, in C¤ll¤l¤. &¤· thepurchase of cattle, horses, and farming utensils, and in making such improvements as are necessary for opening farms upon said reservation. Six thousand dollars each year for ten years, and as long thereafter as Agricu1ture,&o. the President may deem proper, to be expended in promoting the progress of the people in agriculture, and assisting them to become selfsustaining by giving aid to those who will labor. Physioian,&e. Twelve hundred dollars each year for ten years for the support of a physician, and three hundred each year for ten years for necessary medicines. Provisions and Ten thousand dollars to pay for provisions, clothing, or such other °‘°°h"‘¥‘ articles as the President may determine, to be paid to them immediately on their removal to their new reservation. No parttoany Aivrxomn IV. No part of the annuities provided for in this or any §:·£b;’°2lé &°· former treaty with the Chippewas of the Mississippi bands shall he paid Pto any haltibreed or mixed-blood, except those who actually live with their people upon one of the reservations belonging to the Chippewa. Indians; and the United States agree that any scrip which has been, or may hereafter be, issued to any half-breed or mixed-blood, in pursuance V};°¤h_P· 72%) of Article VII. of the supplementary treaty with the Red Lake and Pem- ° ‘ x‘“' P' 6bina bands of Chippewas, ratided April 25th, 1864, may be located upon any land, not mineral. lands, belonging to the United States which may have been surveyed and is open to settlement. Henpultylg Arcrronn V. It is further agreed that the annuity of $ 1,000 a year m§’d°Q£`§m‘;S_“Y· which shall hereafter become due under the provisions of the third article _ of the treaty with the Chippewas of the Mississippi bands, of Aug. 2, V°l· lx- P- 904- 1847, shall be paid to the chief, Hole-in-the-Day, and to his heirs; and there shall be set apart, by selections to be made in their behalf and reported to the Interior Department by the agent, one half section of land