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`: ““‘ °f P°“*· 1. On pre-paid letters from the United States, 15 cents.

2. On pre-paid letters from Belgium 80 centimcs. 3. On all other correspondence mentioned in the second paragraph of the first article, the rate shall be, for the mails sent, that which the despatching office shall adopt in conformity with the convenience and habits of its interior adm°ir\istration. But each office shall give notice to the other of the rate it adopts, and of any subsequent change lll8F80K d_R¤f¤¤ wh¤¤ Amrcnn VI. Whenever there shall be established a direct line of H:f§fEi:;°:;§‘ab steam communication between the ports of: the United Stat<-as and of lished. Belgium, adaptedjo the regular transportauon of the mmls between the two countrle and acceptable to the two Departments, it is acrrced that S“p,,,m, 929 the international single letter rate applicable to this route shall be roduced to 10 cents in the United States and 50 centimes in Belvium of which six cents (30 centimos) shall represent the maritime rate? aml for the other correspondence mentioned in the second paragraph of the first article the maritime rate in such case shall be 10 cents (50 centimcs) per kilovmmmc.

 But this article shall not be carried into effect until a. time upon which

the two Post Departments shall hereafter arrree. Prepayment ARTICLE VII. The prepayment of pomage on ordinary letters shall °Pu°'”’·l· be optional, subject to the condition in Article VIII. mentioned, but on registered letters, and on all other correspondence mentioned in the second parawraph of the first article it shall be compulsory. Pmeeedings Axmcucc VIII. If} however, the postage on any article shall be pre- Wh°¤ P9§*·‘*€°¤ paid insufficiently, it shall nevertheless be forwarded to its destination are un md, or · . . . mt Bugicicntly chargeclwith the deilment postage. Upon the delivery of any unpaid or ·pnid. insufficiently paid letter, or of any other insufficiently paid correspondenceythere shall be levied a, Eno in the United States of five cents in Belgium of 30 centimes. This fine, as well as the deficient p0stage’0n other articles than letters, shall not enter into the accounts between the two offices, but shall be retained to the use of the office collecting the same.

gsg;m,-,4 N-. Am·tcr.m IX. Registered articles shall, in addition to the postage,

tml8S- be snbject to 0. register fee of ten cents in the `United States, and of 50 centimcs in Belgium, and this fee shall always be prepaid. Each office IS at hberty to reduce thxs fee for the mails IL despatches. Wgatcorre- ARTIQLE X. Any correspondence may be registered, not only for

g°;§;‘§_£“Y international correspondence but also for borrespondence originating in

° or destined for other countries to which these two administrations may respectively serve as intermediaries for the transmission of such registered articles. Each Department shall notify tho other of the countries to which it may thus serve as intermediary. Basis rm- ut- Awyrcnm Accounts between the two offices shall be fixed on the $3*;* °f W following bas1s: from the total amount of international postages and ‘ rcgtster fees, collected in each country on letters, added to the total amount of prepaid postagcs and register fees on other articles sent, the dcspatching office shall deduct the amount required at the agreed rate, for the nnterxnediate transit thereof between the two frontiers, and tho amount of the two net sums shall be equally divided between the two 0 mes. Regunsum Anmcnm XII. The correspondence mentioned in the second pamg‘g ;;i;%;E;>;1 g£ grapl1 of* the first artxclc shall be despatched under regulations to be Pm P 928established by the despatching office; but these shall embrace the fol- ’` lowing: 1. N 0 Racket shall contain anything which shall be closed against inspcctxon; nor any written communication whatever, except to state from whom or to whom the packet is sent, and the numbers placed u on the patterns or samples of merchandise.